Efficient Postpartum Weight Loss with Indian Diet & Home Remedies

Efficient Postpartum Weight Loss with Indian Diet & Home Remedies

Baansuri Daas 21 February, 2023 Updated on : 21 Feb 2023

Your bundle of joy is finally in your arms and your happiness knows no bounds. But now that your baby is delivered, should you be immediately worrying about getting rid of your pregnancy weight with diet and exercise? The answer is a resounding no! The initial weeks after your baby arrives can be some of the most cherished days you’ll ever have, so enjoy them. You have ample time to get back into shape. 

We understand that most mothers want to know how to lose weight fast, so that they can get back into their old clothes and feel fit and healthy. But our advice is to take it slow. In this informative blog, we’ll guide on the best time and ways to achieve postpartum weight loss.

The Right Time to Start A Diet

Remember that a baby’s delivery is a physiologic process, and your body needs time to recover. It needs the right type and amount of nutrients. On top of that, your baby is dependent on you for its nutrition via breastfeeding.

So, any thought of limiting your diet should be out of the question for at least 6 weeks post-delivery. For a Caesarean delivery, the recommended healing period is 8 weeks. To be absolutely safe, doctors recommend you start any diet 2 months after your delivery.

Foods To Eat For Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Ensure your diet contains a good amount of high fibre food. It will lead to better digestion and absorption of nutrients over longer times. Fruis and vegetables are great sources of fibre.

Eg: Lentils, ragi, nuts, spinach, banana, peas.

Carbs, unfortunately, have received a lot of bad rap lately. They are essential nutrients that take care of our daily energy requirement. It is important to include complex carbohydrates in your pregnancy weight loss diet since they provide steady energy for longer periods. Avoid foods containing too much simple sugars like sweets, pastries, aerated sweetened beverages and other junk foods. 

Eg: Rajma and other beans, whole grains, potatoes, nuts, apples.

Unsaturated fats are good for the body, so you must include foods rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your weight loss plan. They’re essential for proper cardiac health, they stabilise insulin and sugar levels, and reduce cholesterol. 

Eg: Olive oil, walnuts, ghee, salmon, tuna, cod liver oil.

Drink plenty of water to ensure smooth functioning of all bodily systems. Water also staves off hunger and you’re less likely to reach for your favourite snacks.

Things to Keep In Mind When on a Postpartum Diet

We’re sure you may be at the receiving end of plenty of unsolicited advice and home remedies for weight loss after delivery from many sources. Listen to them but only practise what’s medically sound and doctor-approved. Here are some more key things to remember:

- Do not attempt to shed weight too fast. Remember, it took 9 months for you to gain that weight. It’s only natural that it would take a similar amount to lose it.

- Ensure that your target weight is realistic and achievable. Excessive weight loss after delivery can adversely affect your and baby’s health.

- Enlist the help of a specialist. A nutrition expert will not only give you smart and effective ways to lose pregnancy weight but get your share of all essential nutrients. With FITFEAST, you get a personal nutritionist who can help you with the perfect diet plan for your post-pregnancy weight loss goals. Download the FITPASS app and connect with your assigned dietician in real time.   

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