How Tanmay Bhat Lost 110 Kgs: Tanmay’s Weight Loss Diet & Workout

How Tanmay Bhat Lost 110 Kgs: Tanmay’s Weight Loss Diet & Workout

FITPASS Editorial Team29 May, 2019Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

Tanmay Bhat- Who’s not aware of this name? Popular as a renowned comedian, he has made his place in the hearts of millions because of his unbeatable talent to make people laugh out loud. He always comes up with sheer confidence bringing along something very exciting to please us! 
Have you checked his recent pictures? The trending topic of Tanmay Bhat Weight Loss is in sensation these days. Yes, all we know is that he has lost almost 110 kg in less than 12 months. Isn’t that hard to believe? 

Tanmay’s Bhat Weight Loss Secret-

Tanmay Bhat Weight Loss Workout Routine

Can’t wait to know his secret? It’s none other than Keto Diet and of course, the composure that made him no less than an inspirational human being. Grabbing copious of the limelight with AIB, this stand-up comedian is making more and more people go for a new Diet Plan and Gym Workouts.
If you’re also amazed by dramatic Weight Loss Journey of Tanmay Bhat, then here’s the treasure unwrapped, just for you about Tanmay Bhat’s Healthy Lifestyle. 
What Was Tanmay Bhat’s Workout Routine For Weight Loss? Ranveer Allahabadia, a fitness YouTuber, was the guide behind Tanmay Bhat’s Transformation. 

Tanmay Bhat’s Daily Workout Routine-

  • Working out thrice a week
  • Concentrating on Powerlifting
  • Duration of workout- 1 ½ hour
  • 8-10 reps of-
  • Two-Arm Rowing
  • Reverse Fly
  • Chest Fly
  • French Press
  • 10-15 minutes of walking/ running

Before Keto Diet-

  • Processed and Refined Foods-
  • Sugar
  • White Colored Foods- White bread, Rice, etc.
  • Slowly preventing consuming sugar, then carbs, and increasing the amount of protein intake
  • Both diet and fitness goals were approached gradually

With no doubt, Tanmay Bhat relied upon Keto Diet for Weight Loss and reached his goals successfully. We know you want to know a lot about his diet and workout regime that he pursued, let’s head up to all of that right here-

What Is Keto Diet?

What is Keto Diet

It’s a Low Carb Diet where your body uses fats to get energized. When you don’t feed your body with a sufficient amount of carbs, small fuel molecules, ‘ketones’ are produced with utilizing fats. This way, all the extra fats in your body starts burning, making you lose weight rapidly.
Well, you need to assure that all the fats you consume are good and obtained from healthy sources like vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Eating right is the key to make the Keto Diet a great victory!

Benefits of Keto Diet-

Benefits of Keto Diet

  1. Lowers the blood sugar level
  2. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Guarantees proper blood flow in the entire body
  4. Improves mental performance
  5. Makes the body stronger
  6. Increases physical endurance
  7. Treats epilepsy in children
  8. Clears skin
  9. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases
  10. Gives mental clarity and sharpness
  11. Reduces cravings

4 Grand Stages of Tanmay Bhat’s Weight Loss Journey-

4 Grand Stages of Tanmay Bhat's Weight Loss Journey


Tanmay believed in understanding the concepts of calorie counting. With the idea of Weight Loss for Tanmay Bhat, the calorie count was cut down around 200 calories per day every week for him.


To maintain a Healthy Weight Loss Plan, he made sure to keep himself well-hydrated and consuming a high-protein diet. Also, Tanmay swapped all the bad carbs (ice cream, sugar-loaded pastries, Bingo Mad Angles) with good carbs (chicken breasts, nuts, veggies, whole grains, medium-sized portions of complex carbs).
By not skipping to add an abundant of rich foods like seafood and chicken, he also didn’t mind to enjoy some cheat days while following a strict Keto Diet Plan.


To make his every effort count, Tanmay Bhat began with a proficiently-planned Weight Loss Workout Schedule like-

  1. Lifting weights
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Squats
  4. Bench Presses
  5. Overhead Presses
  6. Cardio

With Cardio, Tanmay Bhat worked hard at Powerlifting. This considerably helped him to burn a chunk of calories while giving him a great boost of metabolic process.
If you think weightlifting is not for you or an unhealthy method to come into shape, then here’s a live example right in front of you!


As Bhat never gave up and by this time got more zealous about everything that can shape him into a better personality, he went on to follow the Keto Diet in bursts. Making rounds of Keto Diet aided him in achieving the occasional much-needed weight loss hike!

To accomplish the fitness dreams and turning them into reality, Tanmay Bhat’s Workout Regime got more intense with the addition of cardio and massive weight lifting.

Once an obese man is now a chubby gentleman, who has still not settled himself to feel delighted with how he appears. His dedication was all that promoted him to reach his target. Nothing can be as inspiring as this man’s Weight Loss Journey.

You can also get blessed with the desired body with just eating right and not sweating out extreme like Tanmay Bhat. 
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