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8 Exercises For Those Sexy Six Pack Abs

8 Exercises For Those Sexy Six Pack Abs

Sanjana Kaushik 05 November, 2015 Updated on : 07 May 2021

Six pack Abs are the dream, we all want them! 
But to live the dream you have got to work towards that dream. And six pack abs are a lot of work.

Luckily enough, FITPASS lets you workout how you want and when you want across 1000+ gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR. So, you never have to miss a single workout ever. Freely workout close to your home, your office, your neighbourhood market. That is the kind of commitment required to get those ripped six pack abs.

One type of workout never hits the spot. Choose from 100,000+ daily workout options on the FITPASS app - Gym workouts, Crossfit, Ab Attack, Bootcamp, Crush Cardio and many many more. 

We have compiled 8 exercises which will help you shred off that fat and get that toned abdomen with fitpass.

So hit the gym, and don't forget to eat clean!


It is an absolute must to have pull ups in your workout routine, if you want to see clearly visible abs someday.
Pull ups kill calories and increase metabolism.
Start doing pull ups for those six pack abs.



Crossfit workouts are excellent to gain lean muscle mass and strength. It also helps to shred body fat, which goes a long way in exposing the six pack on your abdomen.



Yoga classes is an effective method for strengthening the core, and challenges all abdominal muscles. Yoga tones and conditions the entire core by simply supporting the weight of the body.



Muay Thai kickboxing includes devastating punches, kicks, and elbow and knee strikes.
And in addition to that is also great for getting abs.
MMA routines work your core and a month or two spent in an MMA gym will definitely get you those six packs.




Zumba classes also work the core in many different ways.
It also strengthens the back muscles by engaging the core and protects from injury and creates a good posture.



HIIT is great to lower body fat fast.
It pushes your body out of its comfort zone and forces a shock response, speeding up your metabolism.
HIIT burns more fat than traditional cardio exercises.



Crunches are effective to strengthen and tone your abs. Try crunches in different angles and positions, in order to engage all muscles.




Sit ups are another good exercise to tone your abdomen. They are effective because they involve a greater range of movement.
Sit ups are a full body workout and work stabilizer muscles in addition to the abdomen.


Through these 8 exercises, you can work your abdomen in different ways and get closer to those Six Pack Abs.

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