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7 Annoying Things Your Workout Buddy Does

7 Annoying Things Your Workout Buddy Does

Sanjana Kaushik 11 February, 2016 Updated on : 07 Dec 2017

Hitting the gym with your buddy is fun. Time on the treadmill flies by, and there is always someone to keep you company.

And those annoying little things our buddies do so often, also contribute to what makes working out fun.

1. Clicking too many photos

Be cautious. You know your friend. That camera will come out in the last set, and it will be up to no good.


2. Using your towel as their own

Your buddy somehow always forgets his/her towel at home. And uses yours as his/her own.

3. Perfectly executing all exercises in group classes

There is nothing more annoying than your friend executing every move perfectly in a group class, be it nailing those crazy dance moves in Zumba classes or finishing strong in BootCamp. It’s almost showboating!

4. Lifting heavier weights

Not only does your buddy nail every posture in group sessions, but also lifts 5Kgs more than you.

5. Too much of a drill sergeant

It is one thing trying to motivate you to do one more push up, and lift once more. But it gets a little too much when your buddy is shouting in your ear.

6. Long social breaks between sets

You're done with your set, but your partner is nowhere to be seen. And then you see them, chatting up with someone or the other.

7. Works up a sweat and leaves it on the bench

This one is probably the most annoying, and disgusting one. And makes you want to not share your equipment with anyone in the future.

All these things do make the gym workouts worth it.

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