Working Out With Dumbbells

Working Out With Dumbbells

Pompi Borah 04 January, 2018 Updated on : 04 Mar 2022

Due to their ability to be used in small spaces and their high degree of athletic carryover, Dumbbells are one of the finest forms of workout equipment available. Along with their three-dimensional freedom, Dumbbells allow you to workout in all planes of motion and require a great deal of core strength and stability for proper use. That said, choosing the best Dumbbell exercise, can be quite a challenge since there are so many to choose from.


  • Dumbbell Curl Press
  • Crush Grip Goblet Squats
  • Thrusters
  • Farmers Carries
  • One Arm DB
  • Incline Bench Press
  • DB Pullovers
  • Swings
  • Tripod Dumbbell Rows

Each of the above-mentioned exercises requires either just a single Dumbbell or two Dumbbells. They are chosen according to their ability to work on multiple muscle groups. However, working out with Dumbbells can be incredibly challenging. Dumbbells also allow you to train one side of your body at a time, which is great for curing any strength imbalances that you might have.

You can work on the following body parts with the help of dumbbells to improve your overall muscle tone


Building a chiseled chest should not be treated like rocket science. Since it is the most visible aspect of your body, you would want to make your chest muscles look fit and attractive. Some of the exercises to improve your chest muscles are Dumbbell Bench Presses and Dumbbell Flyes. Apart from these, there are many other workouts with Dumbbells for your chest which you can add to your routine which in turn will help you build your chest muscles without using any other equipment.


Most of the exercises to build strong shoulders require the use of Dumbbells.However, shoulder exercises which require the use of heavy and hi-tech equipment’s can be achieved by just adding a couple of Dumbbell workouts loaded with the appropriate weights. Dumbbell Overhead Press, Dumbbell Military Press, Dumbbell Lateral Raises, Dumbbell Front Raises, and Shrugs can help you achieve your desired shoulder goals.


Dumbbells are the best tool you need to build your arm muscles including your biceps and Triceps. The muscle tension and pressure one receives by using Dumbbells, cannot be attained from any other equipment. For arms, there are many Dumbbell movements which can reap benefits, but it is recommended to stick with basic unilateral Dumbbell Curls and Skull Crushers.

  • BACK

Various back exercises can be done with Dumbbells.Exercises like, Unilateral Dead Lifts and Romanian dead Lifts work well on your legs. Dumbbell Rows also work well. These are all very powerful back exercises, which you must try and incorporate into your routine workout.


Dead Lifts, Squats and Leg Raises can also be done by using dumbbells, but the way to hold them depends on the preference of the user. Leg Raises usually don’t require the use of Dumbbells, however, they can put extra pressure on your muscles through the help of weights which eventually provides better results.


Dumbbell Squats and Calf raises are some of the best exercises for legs.Their results, however, will be achieved with time.You just need to push yourself and work hard at the gym.

REMEMBER: Dumbbells are not only for your Biceps or Triceps.They can also provide overall toning for your body and help you achieve your desired fitness goals. However, for these exercises make sure you know what you are doing and be careful with the form. Start slowly with lighter weights, and once you are comfortable, you can gradually increase the weights and intensity for better results.

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