Understanding the Health Benefits of Exercise for Dads
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Understanding the Health Benefits of Exercise for Dads
Published on: 15th Jun,2024
Last Updated on: 11th Jul,2024

Father is not merely a relation; it's about compassion, commitment and responsibility towards the betterment of their families and loved ones. But little do they think about their wellness. From handling family matters to conveniently ignoring their physical health, dads rock our world but fail towards their fitness routine. We are here to make your dad the strongest this Father's Day. Here are some easy exercises for dads that somebody can efficiently perform at home and have fun while following a fitness routine.

These exercises for dad at home can help him stay fit even if they have an extremely hectic schedule of juggling work and family matters. Please ask them to take some time out in the morning or even when they return late at night; these easy workouts can help them relax after a long day.

Why is it Essential for you and your Dad to Follow an Exercise Routine?

Once a man becomes a father, it's difficult for him to follow a particular fitness routine. They get busy with their lives, and it's evident if they even put on some weight. A man's body doesn't remain the same once they reach the average age of a man becoming a father. In their 20s, men remain active by participating in sports, workouts and many more physical workouts that keep them toned and healthy. But at a certain age, it's essential to set a busy dad workout routine so that their health is maintained and their body remains sculpted.

Benefits of Exercises

Lower Risk of Hypertension

High blood pressure is a common problem among working fathers. Exercise reduces the risk of hypertension and helps maintain blood pressure.

Lower Risk of Various Diseases

Exercises help maintain better blood vessels that will eventually control the risk of cholesterol build-up and heart attack risks and even control building diabetic issues.

Complements Strong Bones

Men may start experiencing thinning bones with age if he isn't aware of it on time. Exercise can be the most convenient way to tackle this situation.

Weight Management & Fat Loss

Your dad's belly is craving some crunches, too! Regular exercise can help them control weight and reduce muscle bulges.

Best Workout to Get Rid of Dad Bod

Let's get real here: most dads are busy. They can never find time to leave their comfort zones and work to remain fit and active since they know their regular chores are no less than any workout. However, it primarily affects their body type and increases their fat ratio. To manage this problem, here are some exercises for dads at home exclusively curated as a busy dad workout plan to help your father keep his body toned.

Leg Raises

dad exercise

Leg raises work best for the abs, belly pooch, and lower belly. Lie down on a mat and raise both legs to a 90-degree angle. On a count of 5, gradually lower both legs while breathing in. Breathe out as you bring your legs up again.


workout for dad body

As simple as it sounds, squats can tone and burn fat from your lower body like crazy. The exercise is also straightforward for your dad to perform. Stand tall on the floor or on your mat. Bend your legs from your knees while keeping the glutes and core tight. Get back up and repeat. That can also help build the thigh muscles and reduce fat from the lower belly.


best workout to get rid of dad bod

Performing a plank can amazingly affect your core and arm fat. It helps build your ab muscles and lean arms. While keeping the core tight, plank provides good strength training as well. Lie on a mat while facing down with support on your forearms and toes. Keep your torso straight and hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

Jumping Jacks

busy dad workout

A lot can happen if Jack jumps; Jack is the father in this scenario. Don't forget to incorporate humour into your everyday routine, even if it seems silly. Dad jokes apart, saying that jumping Jack is a killer exercise, counted in cardio and HIIT. Jumping Jack can help you target your overall muscles and energise you for the rest of the workout.

High Knees

dad body workout plan at home

High knees are a perfect heart-pumping session that elevates your progress slightly compared to other workouts. For fathers, it's another fun activity that will help them lose weight while remaining on their toes.

Plank Jack

exercises for dad at home

Another sweat-breaking workout is plank jack, which activates your core area and leaves you sweaty for the rest of the workout. Lay on a high plank position, keeping your foot aligned with your shoulder. Hop on your toes while moving your feet outwards, then hop back and move them inwards.

Busy Dad Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Now that we have a few workouts ready for a fit Father body, here is a workout plan which your dad can follow easily in your living room:

Day Sets Reps Interval Exercises
Monday 3 15 15 seconds Jumping Jacks X High Knees X Squats X Leg Raises X Plank (30 seconds)
Tuesday 3 15 15 seconds Jumping Jacks X Squats X Plank Jacks X Leg Raises X Plank (30 seconds)
Wednesday 3 20 15 seconds High Knees X Leg Raises X Squats X Plank Jack X Plank (40 seconds)
Thursday 3 20 10 seconds High Knees X Leg Raises X Squats X Plank Jack X Plank (45 seconds)
Friday 3 20 10 seconds Jumping Jacks X High Knees X Squats X Leg Raises X Plank (50 seconds)
Saturday 4 20 10 seconds Jumping Jacks X High Knees X Squats X Leg Raises X Plank Jack X Plank (60 seconds)
Sunday Rest      

Your father needs fitness, and we have personalised fitness plans for your father's fitness, too. Here is a workout plan which you and your father can perform together. For further personalised training and workout circuits, there is also an A.I. – ARIA – your personal A.I. fitness trainer who will customise a workout circuit based on your body's needs. So, why wait? Get the FITPASS app today and check out FITCOACH for a sought-after workout routine. Gift your dad a perfect gift of wellness with FITPASS.

Happy Father's Day, Fitsters!

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