Top Dance Studios in Mumbai for Different Dance Styles
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Top Dance Studios in Mumbai for Different Dance Styles
Published on: 10th Apr,2023
Last Updated on: 11th Jul,2024

‘Mumbaikars! Dance kaise sikhe?’ Some of us who adore watching people dance have asked this question a million times. But now that dance fitness and Zumba have emerged as some of the most enjoyable and calorie-burning dances out there, everyone can have a go at learning dance and adding it to their fitness routine.  
Dance can not only be a passion for many but also a great form of group cardio that can lead to fat-burning and weight loss. It is popular for many reasons, including being a group exercise where one can bounce off each other's energies and be in sync with one another. 
If you stay in Mumbai, chances are that you’d have seen plenty of dance studios. But which one to choose? In this blog, we’ve listed out some of the best dance classes in Mumbai to make choosing a bit easier for you.  

Vie:fit, Andheri West 

If you’re looking for the best equipment-free workout place in Mumbai, then Vie:fit is a great option. It’s a chain of fitness studios that specialise in group exercises like yoga, Zumba, strength training and weight loss. They’ve interestingly divided their group exercise modules into categories like Soul:Fit, Strength:Fit, Yog:Fit, Burn:Fit, Warrior:Fit and Rhythm:Fit.  
The last one on the list, Rhythm:Fit is the one aimed at dancing as a fitness routine. The session is carried out in a nice and spacious room with good cooling, lighting and mirrors so that you can observe yourself and others while dancing. Vie:fit employs dance trainers that are very experienced and teach dance with patience and motivation. 

Sachin’s Studio, Mulund West 

The name Sachin’s Studio is synonymous with dance not just in Mulund but throughout Mumbai. They have a great reputation as a collection of amazing dance trainers that cater to a wide range of people like dance enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, children, etc. Sachin’s Studio in Mulund is a vibrant space that exudes warmth and positivity. It offers dance classes in multiple styles like Zumba, hip-hop, Bollywood, contemporary, etc.  

Other than the usual Zumba classes, you can also practise mixed workouts and CrossFit at Sachin’s Fitness Studio in Mulund

Sachin’s Studio B Cabin, Thane West 

Like its Mulund branch, one step into Sachin’s Studio B Cabin in Thane and you know you're in Sachin’s Dance Studio territory. Their trademark colourful interiors are on full display. There are huge mirrors on the walls to help you perfect your moves. 
The space is very well-maintained and hygienic. As seen in Sachin’s Studio, Mulund, the dance trainers here are also quite experienced in varying types of dance styles like Bollywood, contemporary and hip-hop.

Besides dance, Sachin’s Studio B Cabin also offers yoga and fitness batch classes to add some variety to your workout.  

Reset, Bandra West

Get ready with your dancing shoes as you are going to sweat amazingly perfect in Reset, a brainchild of globally acclaimed Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert Luke Coutinho and sequential entrepreneur Karan Talreja. This is the perfect spot for you to enhance your dancing skills and burn calories as you enjoy. The place is ideal for you to groove to the beats of Bollywood music and get fitter in the most fun manner. 

If you’ve developed a propensity for dance or would like to learn it just for fun, you can begin your dance classes in Mumbai immediately with a FITPASS membership. Book a session at any of the above dance studios and put on your dancing shoes today. 
Don’t like the studio you chose? No problem! Book a Zumba session at a different dance studio the next day for a whole new dance experience. A FITPASS membership allows you to try different dance studios and zero in on the one you enjoy the most.

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