This Is Why You Should Join A Runner’s Club

This Is Why You Should Join A Runner’s Club

FITPASS Editorial Team01 October, 2019Updated on : 11 Mar 2022


Running is the best way to avoid health problems. Running strengthens the lungs, prevents high blood pressure, improves immunity, regulates weight, improves bone density and overall mental health. These benefits of running are enough to convince anyone to take it up. But it can be boring if not discouraging, can’t it?

That’s how running clubs in India or other countries, for that matter, came into existence. Do you often see a group of runners around your street or have you noticed people getting together at a running track to run together? Well, they took the first step and now they’re fit individuals inciting the likes of you to join.

Running Clubs often comprise of a few experts who can help you achieve your potential. However, don’t just start running, incorporate a healthy daily diet that allows you to push yourself each day. Join FITFEAST and get in touch with experienced nutritionists. Get daily diet recommendations as per your needs and preferences.

7 Reasons to Join a Running Club


Here’s the solution to the boredom of running alone. You’ll meet several people with a passion for fitness. Runners are friendly without many exceptions, mostly because running improves mood. Meeting some people whom you might befriend is a good reason to join a running club. Most importantly, running with others will motivate you to turn up regularly and achieve your goals. Moreover, friendships do not have to be restricted to the club meeting; invite your friends to hang out elsewhere as well.

Challenge Yourself

Scared of running along with experienced runners who have so much more stamina than you? Look at it another way – runners with high abilities will help you challenge yourself, which will help you extend your abilities as a runner. You will have no one to push yourself if you run alone or with irregular runners. Joining a club will put you among running buddies who will exude positive vibes through their dedication, which will make you work harder towards your goals. Experienced runners can also help you set realistic goals.

Open Your Racing Horizons

Since you’ll be in contact with new buddies, you will come to know about new races that you might not have even heard of. Moreover, you can train with your group for these races and who knows, you might even do well. A lot of clubs are associated with event management teams that organize these races. You might end up getting a discount to enter multiple races. Some events are invite-only to which you will be surely invited. Running club membership will give you exclusivity and additional benefits. 

Friendly Competition

Worried about the competition? Don’t be. Think about it as healthy competition instead of aggression or hostility. You will hardly find anyone trying to assert dominance over the other runners or you. You can try to challenge yourself with others in terms of pace, agility, and endurance without compromising on form. This will not only push you to do better but the others as well. However, don’t fall into the habit of dominating everyone else just to assume a position that doesn’t exist. Maintain a sportsman’s spirit and aim towards a common good. Healthy competition is the key to improvement and you need that kind of advantage.

Extra Motivation

As mentioned earlier, you can get motivation from other runners to attend your regular workout. However, that is not the only motivation you will get. When you train alone, missing a workout will not affect anyone else, whereas, if you’re a member of a running club, people will count on you to be there. If you don’t show up, you will let the entire group down. We are motivated to do better when others count on us. It’s like you going to work because the team needs you on a day when you don’t feel good at all. Joining a runner’s club will give you reasons to not miss a workout.

Become a Wise Runner

Of course, everyone starts where they know nothing. Most likely, you won’t be any good at it at first but the good news is that perseverance can get you right to the top. One gains the necessary knowledge in the process required to be a winner. Joining a running club will open up a world of running wisdom for you; you will be privy to a pot of accumulated knowledge. Apart from the tips to run faster or how to run for longer periods, you can find out about the best running shoes, watches, apparel, and more.

Inspire others

There will surely be others like you hoping to kick-start their running career (so to say); those who know almost nothing about it. There might not be a direct relation to it, but your dedication will inspire others to run and achieve their goals. While it’s very hard to do it alone, joining a club will surely help you help others.

As you might already know, running improves mood, which makes you happy. Happiness is addictive and it might rub off on the others as well. Becoming healthy will inspire your friends to take up one or the other type of workout. Moreover, once you start participating in races, you’ll start enjoying yourself even more. Your zeal for a happy life will make others consider taking up running.

What could be better than getting together with like-minded people to hone your skills? Join a runner’s club today and share your love for running.

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