Squat Today, Squat Every Day To Achieve Ultimate Fitness
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Squat Today, Squat Every Day To Achieve Ultimate Fitness
Published on: 04th Oct,2018
Last Updated on: 04th Dec,2018

The advantage of doing squats exercise is not only limited to a well-toned butt. There are a whole lot of benefits involved with this one, simple exercise. And, that’s why it is so popular among workout trainers. It is a simple procedure that does not demand the use of any gym equipment, and you can do it anywhere you want.

All you have to do is stand straight with your legs hip-width apart and then squat down. Your hips should be parallel to the ground and your knees straight above your ankles. So, let’s take a look at why this low key and low impact exercise is causing a stir among the masses and is so necessary for your workout regime:

squats for flat belly

  • Burning and toning: Affecting all the muscles in your body, squats extensively assist in major calorie burn ranging between 50 – 70 kcal each day. Squats don’t just make you lose fat in less time but also destroy the accumulated cellulite and tone your whole body.
  • Promotes Entire Body Strength: Apart from developing strong legs, squats workout also aid in strengthening all other muscles in your body. Enhancing the production of testosterone and growth hormones, squats help to increase muscle mass. Furthermore, squats work wonders in heightening your core strength due to its direct effect on the abdominal and lower back muscles. Perform deep squats coupled with light weights to improve strength and endurance.

Promotes Entire Body Strength With Squats

  • Improves major body systems: Performing squats regularly improve the circulatory, cardiac and digestive systems. Physical activity enhances blood circulation. The movement in squats follows this notion, making your heart pump more blood to the muscles. Furthermore, the position of squats and its effect on the core muscles help to eradicate digestive problems and promote smooth bowel movements.
  • Builds Muscle Elasticity: Aging and an inactive lifestyle makes your muscles, tendons, and ligaments lose their elasticity. This further result in unexpected injuries and muscle loss. The stretch and bends involved in squats help you to restore flexibility and elasticity of the muscles especially in your legs, back, and core.


  • Promotes better posture: Squats demand a straight back and firm feet on the ground. The perfect posture of a squat also requires proper balance on your feet exerting pressure on your knees and hip. This enhances your central and peripheral nervous system. It, therefore, corrects your posture and develops balance and motor abilities.
  • Enhances Athletic skills: Could you ever guess that squats may help you to run faster or jump higher? Several researches have proven that regular squats augment athletic ability. It is because your knees, hamstrings, quadriceps, and back acquire immense strength and endurance. So much so that you become a human spring. That’s why most of the athletes include squats in their daily workouts. Furthermore, other exercises prove to be a cake walk when you become a pro in squats.

So, don’t consider squats to only be an aesthetic workout that gives you a great physique. It is the exercise you need to tackle all other exercises and keep yourself fitter than the rest.

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