Get Rid of Double Chin: Proven Exercises and Diet Tips

Get Rid of Double Chin: Proven Exercises and Diet Tips

FITPASS Editorial Team17 May, 2019Updated on : 22 Nov 2023

Everybody dreamt of a beautifully slim neck.

This is one of those main body goals in which many of us can’t seem to achieve. Chin is a tricky area since the area there is somewhat sensitive than elsewhere on your body, so every time our chin requires a lot of care to maintain so that you will not get chin transform into double chin.

So what exactly can you do so that you will not only get rid of that stubborn double chin but also keep your neck taut and in good shape.

What is a Double Chin? 

Double Chin

Double chin is basically referred to as submental fat, layered beneath your chin. The reason one can develop double chin is not just becasue of weight but other factors like, genetics, ageing, posture etc. This common condition can be found in people of different ages and genders. Even though, double chin is quite a normal phenomenon, many people seek a good way to get rid of that extra layered fat. 

What causes Double Chin?

The body's synthesis of many elements results in a double chin. Bad posture is another cause that leads to a double chin. In addition to this, our genetic makeup and the shape of our faces are additional evident factors that contribute to a double chin and are typically out of our control. Knowing these elements may make it easier to figure out how to remove the double chin.

As the body ages, the skin may begin to lose its elasticity. This can cause the skin to seem droopy, which may exacerbate the appearance of a double chin. Our body's collagen deposits frequently suffer as we get older, which causes a reduction in the flexibility of our skin. This causes loose, sagging skin, particularly around the jawline, which gives the appearance of a double chin.

Although it's not usually the reason, weight increase can elevate the chances of occurence of a double chin. A diet heavy in processed foods, calories, and unhealthy fats can also contribute to weight gain and the development of a double chin.

People who have a double chin may be influenced by their genes. A person may be more prone to have a double chin if they have a family history of either condition.

The muscles in the neck and chin might become weaker due to bad posture. When the muscles are not exercised regularly, the surrounding skin becomes less elastic, which can eventually lead to a double chin. Due to overuse of smartphones and computers, slouchy postures cause the platysma muscle to be depleted, which weakens its suppleness and creates a sagging appearance around the jowls.

How to get rid of Double Chin?


Double chin and face fat is something from which we all wanna get rid of, but none of us do anything for it. It requires some exercise on a daily basis and good nutritious diet. There are facial exercises which are really very effective but you need to do them on a regular basis and they need some time to show the results. You can refer below mentioned tips for the facial exercises.

Eating right and physical activeness and good habits on following Diet and exercise will help your body stay fit and you will have an attractive chin in your face.

Can double chin can be removed with exercises?



Not to worry!

You can easily be able to get rid of a double chin you will have to go through your neck or facial workout.

Following a double chin you will be amazed to see the difference in your face. Along with double chin removal exercise it can also tighten the skin and can slow down the aging process of the skin.

How you can remove the Double Chin Quickly?

Keep in your mind that to tone and tighten the skin on your face your facial muscles always need some exercise which you have to do regularly. But most importantly doing a few facial exercises that can help you achieve your goal of a chiselled face.

7 exercises to reduce your Double Chin

  1. Straight jaw jut


Straight jaw jut, an incredible exercise to remove your double chin. To do this exercise your head should be tilt back and then you have to look towards the ceiling. When you start to push your lower jaw forward then you will feel a stretch under your chin. Now you have to hold the jaw jut for a 10 count.

  1. Ball Exercise


Ball Exercise will help you to get rid of double chin. To do this exercise you have to place a 9- to10-inch ball under your chin. Press your chin down against the ball as much as you can. You can repeat this exercise 25 times daily and include this in your daily exercise routine.

  1. Tongue Stretch


If you want to remove your double chin then Tongue stretch is the best exercise. This is an easy facial exercise which is the mostly followed to remove your double chin as to do this exercise you have to look straight ahead and you have to stick your tongue out as far as you can .No matter if your stretch is painful. Slowly and gradually you will be habituated to do this exercise. You have to hold this exercise for 10 seconds and after that you can release.

  1. Mouthwash exercise


The mouthwash exercise is a basic facial exercise that helps in extending and working your cheek muscles and lessens obesity of cheeks. It reinforces and assembles the cheek muscles and furthermore helps in diminishing the double chin.  Repeatedly do this exercise for 5 multiple times at a stretch for best outcomes.

  1. Kissing the sky

kissing he sky

Kiss the Sky is the best exercise to remove the double chin that work the muscles in your neck and chin can include swallowing and kissing or puckering your lips. For instance, start an activity by lifting your jaw and gesturing your head back. At the pinnacle position, swallow and all the while pushing the tip of your tongue against the top of your mouth. You will notice the result within a month!

  1. Fish face exercise

Fish Face Exercise

Whenever you do the fish face exercise you will feel the stretch and strain develop in the jaw muscles and stunning. Play out the lip dismantles practice 10 to multiple times at a stretch Fish Face. Otherwise you can try a smiling fish face this is a simple and a standout amongst the best facial activities for cheeks that you can do at anyplace.

  1. Chin Lifts

Chin Lift

Chin Lifts always helps in working and extending the vast majority of the facial muscles, including the jaw, throat and neck. However, make a point not to utilize some other facial muscle other than the lips while doing this activity. Start by tilting your head towards the roof, keeping your eyes fixed towards it.

What to do if Double Chin is due to weight gain?

If your double chin is because of weight gain, getting in shape may make it little or you can reduce the double chin. The most ideal approach to get fit is to eat or choose a healthy eating routine do the facial exercise consistently.

Have a look on some of the good dieting rules are:

  1. Eat four servings of vegetables and three servings of organic products every day.
  2. Maintain a strategic distance from handled and Fried nourishment.
  3. Eat lean protein, for example, poultry and fish.
  4. Eat well fats, for example, olive oil, avocados, and nuts.
  5. Eat low fat dairy items.
  6. Diminish your sugar consumption.

The most ideal approach to dispose of additional fat anyplace on your body is by following a solid eating routine and practicing consistently. If you are sure that your double chin was happen due to hereditary qualities, give weight reduction, cardio exercise, and jaw practices an opportunity before experiencing an obtrusive method. Combination of eating or following a healthy diet plan and exercising regularly  for the whole body including your facial exercise will help you lose weight along with reducing your double chin, which in turn reduces the puffiness and sagging around your chin making your face look younger and defined.

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