Vitamin C: Rich Foods, Health Benefits And Side Effects

Vitamin C: Rich Foods, Health Benefits And Side Effects

FITPASS Editorial Team28 June, 2019Updated on : 11 Mar 2022


All vitamins have their own value in human life for growth and development in the body. It is important to consume a well balanced diet plan to guarantee that our body will work appropriately. Lack of specific vitamin can affect the different elements of the body. 

Most of the people don’t know the importance of vitamin C and that is the reason that their eating routine frequently does not have the sufficient vitamin c. 

Here we have a portion of  stunning benefits of vitamin c 

1.Vitamin C helps you to treat cold 

Vitamin C helps you to treat cold

Vitamin C can prevent colds, As per research vitamin C can treat cold and kill the virus causing cold. Vitamin C is a characteristic antihistamine and accordingly it helps in controlling sensitivities by lessening the allergies. 

 2. Best solution for skin issues

Best solution for skin issues

Vitamin C has been utilized to treat a great deal of skin-related issues. Today, Vitamin C is utilized in a great deal of creams, face packs and veils for rendering normal sparkle to the skin. Vitamin C is useful in lessening wrinkles and counteracting drooping skin by improving the flexibility of. It additionally shields the skin from unsafe UV beams of the sun. 

3. It helps to reduce your wounds

It helps to reduce your wounds

Vitamin C is a fundamental factor required for the creation of collagen, a protein present in connective tissues of the body (skin, ligaments, muscles, tendons and so on). Vitamin C is particularly useful in recuperating injuries of various kinds. 

4. It will reduce your stress

It will reduce your stress

Vitamin C has a significant task to carry out in shielding the mental stress from the unsafe impacts of pressure. This is on the grounds that adequate dimensions of Vitamin C are required for the blend of pressure hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline.

5. It lowers your cholesterol levels

It lowers your cholesterol levels

Vitamin C assumes a pivotal job in diminishing the dimension of cholesterol in the blood. It is essentially supports the transformation of cholesterol to bile salts which can be effectively dispensed with from the body. 

6. Improves the flow of blood

Improves the flow of blood

Studies have discovered that dosages of Vitamin C can help you in improving the widening of veins in individuals experiencing angina pectoris, congestive heart disappointment and hypertension. 

7. Brings down the danger of heart ailments and stroke

Brings down the danger of heart ailments and stroke

Vitamin C has a great cancer prevention agent property. It searches free radicals that can make harm the mass of supply routes and increase the danger of heart ailments and stroke. In addition, it additionally brings down cholesterol and improves blood stream, which likewise averts heart sicknesses. Peruse increasingly about master tips to avert heart maladies. 

8. Controls sugar levels in diabetics

Controls sugar levels in diabetics

Although diabetics have a great deal of sustenance confinements to pursue, they can most likely profit by nourishment containing Vitamin C. It directs glucose levels and furthermore secures against the intricacies of diabetes

9. Reduce the risk of asthma 

Reduce the risk of asthma

People having ceaseless asthma can profit a great deal from Vitamin C. Vitamin C, being a cell reinforcement and antihistamine, improves the capacity of lungs and aviation routes. 

10. May fix the tuberculosis 


One of the ongoing examinations distributed in Nature correspondences found that Vitamin C can execute the microbes causing tuberculosis. Despite the fact that the antibacterial capability of nutrient C is still to be tried in people yet the discoveries were striking and worth investigating.

List of 5 best source of Vitamin C food

  1.Citrus Fruits: 

Citrus Fruits:

The most widely recognized wellspring of Vitamin C is citrus fruits. It is said that one lime or orange for each day might be sufficient for one to get their required portion. 

  2.  Chime Peppers: 

Chime Peppers

Whether you are heating an Italian meal or hurling vegetables in an Asian sautéed food, try to include ringer peppers for your Vitamin C kick. 

 3. Broccoli: 


Broccoli is a storage facility of advantages. Stuffed with Vitamin C, incorporate it into your plates of mixed greens. 

4. Papaya: 


Just a large portion of a cup of papaya can give you enough of the nutrient for the whole day. It's numerous different advantages are extra inspiration to have the natural product. 

5. Strawberries: 


A bowl of strawberries and cream might be corrupt however it is additionally pressed with Vitamin C. 



Tomatoes have a lot of Vitamin C . Eat them plain or prepare them in a serving of mixed greens, include them into sandwiches or burgers, tomatoes are the most adaptable natural product to eat. 

7. Kiwi :


Kiwi is a magnificent fruit with abundant amount of Vitamin C. Kiwi fruit is likewise wealthy in potassium and fiber yet low in calories. 

8. Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are wealthy in nutrient C. Indeed, even subsequent to being cooked, one cup yields 160 percent of your day by day estimation of C. They're likewise high in many nutrients and minerals, fiber, and cancer prevention agents. 

9.Cooked cabbage :

Cooked Cabbage

Cooked cabbage can include a touch of Vitamin C to your day by day consumption, yet cooked cabbage has considerably more. In spite of the fact that cooking lessens the measure of Vitamin C in any nourishment, it likewise decreases the volume, so you will get more Vitamin C per cup of cooked cabbage.

How does Vitamin C help your skin? 

Vitamin C  helps your skin's collagen generation to give you firmer look, It make your full skin and smooth out scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles. The cell reinforcement properties of Vitamin C  help battle free radicals and harm brought about by UV radiation. The outcome is against maturing activity for more youthful looking skin!

Is it good  to take vitamin C at night time?

Vitamin C  tend to boost energy, so it's better to  take them in the morning in comparison to night otherwise it can lead to restlessness and insomnia. They will give you the best result on an empty stomach, but it's better to take them with some food if you have a sensitive tummy.

Can vitamin C boost you with energy?

People take vitamin C is to boost their immunity. Vitamin C is involved in many parts of the immune system. Taking vitamin C may shorten wound healing time.

What will be the side effects from vitamin C?

Consuming too much of Vitamin C may affect your digestive system. Digestive distress is the most common side effects from vitamin C.

How do you know if your vitamin C is low?

Fatigue, Red Gums, Easy Bruising and Bleeding, Joint Pain and Rough, bumpy skin are the quick symptoms of vitamin C even weight gain is also a scary symptom of vitamin C. But these symptoms are usually resolved once vitamin C levels are restored.

It is always  recommend that it’s better to take vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables rather than taking supplements or capsules. 

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