Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits - The Best Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits - The Best Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

FITPASS Editorial Team23 July, 2019Updated on : 06 Jun 2023

Potato or Potatoe? Same thing right? But what about a sweet potato/potatoe and a normal potato/potatoe? Trust me my friend they’re set very far apart in terms of various aspects. They are better than the usual potatoes providing an array of health benefits. Do you know how? Let us learn how.

A balanced diet keeps the mind, body, and spirit healthy. We need all the vitamins and minerals that we can get, especially with our busy lives. And with the little time we get to eat, we need to make it worth our health. So, where does sweet potato fit in here? We all love potatoes and they’re consumed in large quantities all over the world by cooking them in different ways, frying roasting, boiling, and multiple other ways. Several varieties of sweet potatoes are available, but they are all abundantly rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They also contain high amounts of fiber and potassium. The grammage of natural sugar exceeds those of regular potatoes with fewer calories. Therefore, their nutritional value is one aspect that cannot be ignored since they can be consumed in several ways especially much useful to support your gym workout or other fitness classes.

Let’s Take A Look at the Health Benefits of Consuming Sweet Potato

Aids Weight Management

MORE NATURAL SUGAR AND FEWER CALORIES WILL DO THE WORK: Sweet potato benefits in aiding weight management. They contain fermentable and soluble fibers that create a self-sustaining weight control system. Dietary filaments like gelatine aid digestive functions and assist the body's hormones in proper functioning. Including sweet potato in your diet satiate the body’s fiber needs and therefore, promote weight management. 

Builds your immune system

THAT IMMUNITY WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF: Sweet potato contains iron which maintains the vital levels in the body, thus improving resistance to diseases. Other than this, sweet potato facilitates the creation of white and red blood cells and also regulates blood pressure.

Battles With Cancer Disease

YES, THEY WILL HELP YOU FIGHT THE HARDEST ENEMIES: Vitamin A or Beta Carotene is an excellent agent that reduces vulnerability to cancer. These elements ward off different diseases and are the most powerful cancer prevention agents known to man. Moreover, these nutrients shield the skin from the UV rays of the sun apart from repairing them.

Packed with Vitamin D

GET YOUR Ds RIGHT: Vitamin D has several benefits for the body; it maintains the overall framework, and vitality levels, and strengthens the bones. It is also known to regulate the emotional functions of the brain and improve heart health. Additionally, it strengthens thyroid organs, teeth, bones, nerves, and the skin.

Prevents Heart Disorders

HEALTHY HEART, HAPPY YOU BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE ONE PART OF YOUR MIND IS: High measures of vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes enable your body to diminish the levels of homocysteine, a compound produced naturally in our bodies, the excess of which may lead to stomach and heart ailments. 

Helps Improve Brain Function

THAT’S WHERE THE OTHER HALF OF YOUR MIND IS: Sweet potatoes are wealthy in starch, which is the ideal carbohydrate for your brain. Additionally, they consist of B-nutrients, amino acids, and unsaturated fats that are important for psychological and cerebral functions.

Easy to Digest

BUT, DO NOT FORGET THE GUT : Sweet potatoes have high contents of sugar and fiber, and they are easy for the stomach to digest. Fiber improves bowel movements and facilitates gastric juices to avoid clogging. Fiber reduces the possibility of colorectal malignant growth in addition to reducing the levels of cholesterol in the veins and arteries. 

Reduces Stress Levels

HANDLE THAT TENSION WITH THE DOPAMINE: Sweet potatoes have a high measure of magnesium, which is a significant mineral for the body to function properly. It reduces tension and stress. Insufficiency of magnesium is connected with higher levels of stress, sadness, and nervousness. Therefore, sweet potatoes improve magnesium levels and help treat sadness and tension.

Prevents Uicers

THE WAY TO A HEALTHY STOMACH IS VIA SWEET POTATOES: Ulcers are formed when excessive gastric juices the outer layer of the inner lining of the stomach. And they are extremely painful. The constituents of sweet potato shield gastrointestinal tissues from dietary-incited ulcers. Sweet potato is often prescribed for treating peptic ulcers. 

Limits the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

KEEP THE VEINS IN CHECK: Sweet potatoes contain polyphenols that prevent oxidation and hence, lessen the dangers of cardiovascular problems. Additionally, it contains solvent dietary strands that reduce the odds of cardiovascular illnesses.

Sweet Potatoes Improve Your Hair and Skin

PAMPER YOURSELF WELL: Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E, which are good for hair and skin. Vitamin E promotes hair growth and thickness. 
Vitamin C is commonly used in dermatological medicines and the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Are there any limitations to how we can consume sweet potatoes?

Now that we know the benefits of eating sweet potatoes there might be a few questions lingering in your mind regarding the best ways in which you can consume sweet potatoes and what are the limitations of consuming them. Though there are multiple health benefits of eating sweet potatoes, there are certain things you might want to know and are required to know to get the best out of your diet. 

Is it alright to eat sweet potatoes every day?

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients that make them a decent option for daily consumption regardless of whether you’re attempting to lose weight or trying to improve your metabolism. 

Is sweet potato useful for weight reduction?

The high fiber content allows you to shed weight easily. Their low-calorie content is perfect for you if you want to eat healthy to lose weight.

Will sweet potato make you fat?

Eating a potato, or any kind of sugar-rich food won't make you fatter. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are watching your weight, eat potatoes only in moderate quantities. Be cautious about how you eat them; fried food will always add to your weight. 

Is Sweet Potato a complex carb food?

There are carbs in sweet potatoes. A medium-sized sweet potato without skin contains 27 grams of carbs. The principal segments are intricate sugars called starches, which make up 53% of the sugar content.

What are the reasons for avoiding sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes contain oxalates and you should not consume them if you have a history of kidney stones.

Now that we have known almost everything about consuming sweet potatoes, we can end by saying that they have multiple benefits and are safe to consume with very few exceptions. So, have those sweet potatoes guilt-free.

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