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Stay Active To Dismiss The Stress Of Your Hectic Work Schedule

Stay Active To Dismiss The Stress Of Your Hectic Work Schedule

Rukmani Anand 20 December, 2018 Updated on : 27 Dec 2018

We know your career is important to you. And so should be your health and fitness. All of us have a hectic schedule that leaves us sloshed by the end of the day. But you need to keep up with your fitness too so that you are not tired in between the everyday juggles.

If you think fitness is for those who can afford to spend hours at the gym, then let us assure you that you are very wrong. It’s not about the gym or the long hours but just the consistency in keeping yourself active. And here’s how you can do it in your tight schedule.

Stroll the Floor

1. Stroll the Floor: Go for a stroll on lunch breaks or the short breaks that you get in between work. It can be at the nearby parks, the office premises or your floor. If your work includes too much phone calls, make it a point to walk while you talk. That way you can avoid being totally inactive at work.   

2. Elevation without Elevators: Chuck the elevators and use the stairs. It is one of the most basic steps to take towards fitness. On the first day you may be out of breath climbing five flights of stairs, but by the end of the week, you will feel a good build up of endurance. And that’s part of getting and being fit. 

join fitness class

3. Join a Fitness Class: There is no greater motivation than money. So, in order to get fit, join any fitness class or group workout class near you. Socialize and have fun as you workout. You will not have to wait for any equipment to be available and you can get fit without disrupting your work schedule.

4. Get Busy Cleaning: Just because the weekends are here does not mean you will while away your time being lazy. Engage yourself in household chores to burn calories. Cook a meal or clean up your house. Performing 30-minute household chores like gardening, cooking, scrubbing the floors, cleaning and washing your car can make you lose up to 350 to 400 calories a day.

Do some freehand

5. Do some freehand: This does not require you to be exclusively in your workout clothes. You can even perform free hand exercises on your desk or at home watching your favorite series. Get fit and fab with some stretches, triceps dips, pushups, calf raises, wall sit or lunge.

6. One Stop Before: Start off half an hour earlier while going to work. That way you can get off the bus or metro at the previous stop and walk to work. A 15 to 20-minute daily work can provide you with proper cardio to keep your lungs and heart healthy and your whole body fit.   

Being active and consistent are the keys to fitness. Now that you know how you can be fit even amidst your tight schedule, just get up and get going.

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