How Much Body-fat Percentage Should You Have?

How Much Body-fat Percentage Should You Have?

FITPASS Editorial Team11 July, 2018Updated on : 11 Dec 2018

- Sukanya Awasthi

We often hear people talking about keeping a low body-fat percentage but don't exactly know where in the spectrum should we lie.

What really is Body-Fat percentage?

Body-fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass, times 100. To put it simply, it is the percentage of your that body weight which is your body fat. As we grow old, our body fat percentage increases since we tend to have a lower body density. Excess amount of fat in the body increases the risk of diseases like heart stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer, hence it is extremely important to keep only a healthy level of fat in the body in order to avoid attracting illnesses.

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What is the ideal body fat percentage?

The essential body fat in men should be in the range of 2-5% and in women it should be between 10-13%. A person seeking fitness should keep their BFP between 14-17% if he is a male and 21-24% if she is a female. Anything more than 25% in men and 35% in women puts them in the category of Obese. The average BFP in men is between 18-24% and between 25-31% in women.

What is the ideal body fat percentage?

How does your BFP change with age?

One of the most important factors dictating the amount of fat our bodies should carry is age. With age, the fat percentage also changes. In their twenties, men need to have their fat percentage between 8.5-12.7% while women should have fat percentage between 17.7-19.3%. Once in their thirties, the BFP should be between 12.7-15.3% and 19.3-22.2% for men and women respectively. As your age increases, the numbers also rise. Men in their forties have their fat percentage between 15.3-18.9% while women have it between 22.2-25.2%.

We hope you have a better understanding of your body-fat percentage now and you move towards building a healthier and fitter body. As we say, #GetSetSweat