Hottest Beats For Your Workouts

Hottest Beats For Your Workouts
Mitul Govil
Jan 4, 2017
Updated On Dec 18, 2018 12:48

Is your workout in the best rhythm? If not, here’s the urgent update your gym playlist needs!


Here are the best songs that will make your head bang, muscles pump and pump iron into your body. Find them, play them at blast and watch yourself wake up every winter morning and run the most epic distance you ever have. Let the bass and beats assault your ears and make your workout reach a whole new level.


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  • Skrillex & Kill The Noise Feat. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos - Recess (Valentino Khan Remix)

Find yourself doing an extra set as soon as the beat drops and the badass melody rushes your adrenaline to supreme levels.

Skrillex & Kill The Noise Feat. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos - Recess (Valentino Khan Remix)

  • “Back in Black,” AC/DC

If you’re boxing, doing combat training or MMA, this one’s  gonna fuel your punches. Feel sorry for the punching bag when this one’s on.

“Back in Black,” AC/DC

  • “Breakn’ A Sweat(Zedd Remix)” Skrillex ft. The Doors

This 2010 electro-dubstep track has inspired racers to reach top speeds. In case you’re on the treadmill, get ready to run your fastest and longest distance ever.

“Breakn’ A Sweat(Zedd Remix)” Skrillex ft. The Doors

  • “Roll the Bass” Major Lazer

So you thought Reggae has nothing to do with workouts and fitness. Major Lazer is here to change your viewpoint.

“Roll the Bass” Major Lazer

  • “Beggars” Krewalla X Diskord

Dubstep with lyrics that can activate your beast mode with no difficulty whatsoever.

“Beggars” Krewalla X Diskord

  • “Awake and Alive” Skillet

Christian Rock with energy pumping through its guitars, drums, and vocals. This ones gonna resonate inside your head for hours. We promise that.

“Awake and Alive” Skillet

  • “Surface” Aero Chord

Trap beats and a drop that's gonna rip away any kind of laziness whatsoever.

“Surface” Aero Chord

  • Jay-Z, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”

Rap and Hip-Hop can't ever fail to add some swag factor to your workouts.

Jay-Z, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”

  • Torro Torro - Make A Move (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex just can't fail with music. This one's a masterpiece for your workouts.

Torro Torro - Make A Move (Skrillex Remix)

Disclaimer: We’re not sorry if our picks are not per your taste. And if you want to debate about this one, we literally have all day and night.


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