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Crunched For Time? Try Circuit Training!

Crunched For Time? Try Circuit Training!

Sanjana Kaushik 21 January, 2016 Updated on : 28 Jan 2019

For the uninitiated, Circuit Training is a rollercoaster of a training program, which will have you out of breath and sweating through your pants by the end of the workout. It is a great way for working individuals, too busy to take time out for their fitness, to stay fit.


Move from station to station with no time in between. With each exercise different than the other, you could be doing 20 bicep curls or 15 leg raises or a 3-minute spinning session.

Just a 30-minute session at the gym is enough.


Here is why Circuit Training is the answer to all your fitness problems:

1.)    Achieve Maximum Results

Achieve Maximum Results

Get maximum results in much less time. No need to spend hours in the gym anymore.


2.)    Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

Circuit Training allows puts you through the paces and every different exercise targets a different muscle set.


3.)    Great Mix of Cardio & Strength

Great Mix of Cardio & Strength

Working through the circuit quickly with 30-60 seconds of rest keeps your heart rate up. And the weight lifting increases strength and resistance. This works as a great combo!


4.)    Increased Metabolism

Increased Metabolism

HIIT combined with weightlifting is the ultimate fat burning combo! It increases metabolism and you burn more calories.


5.)    Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

This program will boost your athletic performance by building endurance and stamina with strength. A lot of athletes go for this program in their off season.


6.)    Flexibility


If you perform all exercises with the right technique, then Circuit Training does lead to increased flexibility.


7.)    Muscle Endurance and Strength

Muscle Endurance and Strength

Regular training on the circuit will increase muscle strength and endurance. You can do more push ups and pull ups than the week before.


8.)    Full Use of Equipment and Space

Full Use of Equipment and Space

With you working the circuit, you will be able to try new machines and exercises. So, all those dumbbells, kettlebells and other machines come into play.


Work different parts of the body and try different techniques, every day is a new day at the gym.

Do more in less time with Circuit Training.