CrossFit: Turn Up The Intensity This Summer

CrossFit: Turn Up The Intensity This Summer

Sameer 05 May, 2017 Updated on : 17 Nov 2022

This summer presents a fantastic opportunity for you to start working on your fitness and build exceptional functional strength, stamina and agility. Whether you’re starting on your fitness journey or trying to get back into the groove of being fit, it’s time to rise early and put your mornings to good use. Crossfit for men and women both, is an effective way to start off!

A series of functional movements with intensity, Crossfit workouts prepare you to take everyday life head on!

And even otherwise, here’s how it helps you:


1. Routine

With Crossfit in your life, you commit to exercising regularly and eating healthy. With a routine in place, you have more time to work and for recreation and a good headspace to make healthy choices.
A healthy habit is the first byproduct of joining Crossfit.

2. Increase strength

With discipline and determination, you are guaranteed to be in the shape of your life. It is going to be hard, but Crossfit promises to reward you for all your hardwork on the floor, or ‘the box’ as Crossfit studios are called. It will pack power and strength in you like no other workout.

3. Increase stamina and endurance

Crossfit puts your cardiovascular strength to the test and pushes it to the limit. Your heart rate is elevated throughout the duration of the workout and this helps increase stamina and endurance. You can run, swim, walk further, and longer.

4. Cut down excess fat

It is an excellent way to burn excess calories. It is a guaranteed way for you to lose weight and slim down. Not to mention all those who are looking to sculpt their bodies like magazine models, Crossfit is a great way to tone your body.

5. Fight monotony

With a new workout plan laid out for each day, you’re walking in for a new experience each day! This doesn’t get any better, as you’re never bored with your workout regime. Every workout is a new experience, with multidimensional, dynamic workouts.

6. Succeed with a group

The setting is completely different. Every single person in the class is pushing you to dig deep and deliver the best you can. The same way you will cheer your classmates on! The atmosphere is fantastic, with everyone cheering each other on, helping each other reach their respective fitness goals.

If you’re not already sold, Crossfit is an excellent way of staying fit, the workouts are intense, the atmosphere is motivating, and isn’t that all you need?
There are quite a few Crossfit workouts in Delhi to ensure you can jump right in and get a taste of all the fun and intensity.
So what are you waiting for?
Just Get, Set, Sweat!