8 Exercises For Those Sexy Calves

8 Exercises For Those Sexy Calves

Sanjana Kaushik 11 February, 2016 Updated on : 17 Nov 2022

Raise your arm if you have always wanted sexy calves!
Almost everyone wants a toned lower body, but none of the workout plans drafted ever pay off.

So to take you a step closer to your sexy calves, we have chalked out the perfect workout plan for you.

Read on to tone your lower body.

1.) Stretch your legs out

Hamstring Stretch:

Stretch your legs out

Spread the mat out, and sit and stretch your legs forward. Bend one knee and place your foot against the inner thigh of the other leg. Touch the floor with the bent knee.
Bend forward and reach out and touch the toes of your outstretched leg.
Hold the stretch and relax.

Quadriceps Stretch:

Quadriceps Stretch

Bend your left leg behind you and you hold with the left hand. Pull your leg in towards your butt.

Hold the stretch, and release.
Stretch the other leg now.

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2.) Individual workout

Squats: How to squat properly​

How to squat properly​

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms high or hold them in front of you and squat down.
Go down as if sitting on a chair. Your knees should not bend forward, they should remain right above the ankles.

Calf Raise:

Calf Raise

Stand up straight, and put some weight in your arms. If you're a beginner and are not as comfortable with weights, then hold your arms above your head.
Keep your legs shoulder apart, and rise on the balls of your feet.
Keep your body tight.

Quadriceps Lift:

Quadriceps Lift

While sitting on a bench, tighten your abdomen and extend one leg in front of you. Toes pointing forward.
Repeat with other leg.

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3.) Yoga


Yoga is good to stretch the body out, to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

It also provides a definition, much needed for those sexy calves.

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4.) Pilates



Pilates will help in strengthening the muscles that support joints.

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5.) Weight lifting

weight lifting

Do calve raises by adding weight. Choose the weight as per your comfort level.
Having a dumbbell in both hands, place the dumbbell on your knees. Slowly lift your knees by putting the weight on the balls of your feet. Hold for one second and slowly lower your knees.
Do 10-15 reps.

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6.) Cycling/Spinning


Spinning classes are both tough and fun in the same time. They burn the fat away, and work your legs in many different ways.
Cycling and spinning help bring definition in the leg muscle.

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7.) Zumba


With Zumba you burn calories, and shed fat, without even realizing it. Zumba also accomplishes calorie loss without jarring the joints.

Constant, fluidic movement of the body, helps in shedding fat and making those calves look sexy sooner than expected.

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8.) Elliptical training

Elliptical training

20 minutes on that elliptical trainer are enough for one day. It works the whole body without causing excessive pressure on joints. Although riding an elliptical trainer is not an exercise for the novice.
So go easy at it the first time around.

Sweaty Spots: Ozone Gym, Sculpt Gym, Elemention Gym

Not one, but a mix of all of these exercises and routines will help you guys get those sexy calves.
You can experience all these workouts and exercises with fitpass at our premier fitness centres.
Read more about fitpass at fitpass.co.in and get those sexy calves.
Get. Set. Sweat.

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