What to Buy and What to Leave during the Coronavirus Pandemic

What to Buy and What to Leave during the Coronavirus Pandemic

FITPASS Editorial Team23 March, 2020Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

It is time for us, individually and as part of the community, to stay prepared for the restrictions and closedown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It means that we will be at home for more than a few days. You must store food and supplies for up to 2 weeks. However, stores and supermarkets are still open and you do not need to empty the aisles. You must think of others alike and those less privileged than you when you shop.

In these times, get fresh produce as much as you can instead of canned and other packed foods. Buy vegetables and fruits that can be stored in the fridge for at least a week. Amidst the pandemic, you should be eating whatever provides you the required nutrition and keeps you healthy. Check out the benefits of FITFEAST – get customized daily diet recommendations from expert nutritionists to keep your immunity strong.

Buying foods and supplies during COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Fresh foods

Fresh Foods

You will have to step out for these more often than the others and so schedule your outings accordingly. Don’t buy pre-cooked meals. Instead spend time preparing your own meals with fresh produce, meats, and other alternatives that have no or little preservatives. Buy fruits and veggies of all colors to get your share of antioxidants. They boost immunity and prevent infections. Don’t forget fermented products like yogurt for a healthy gut.

  1. Packed Foods

Packed Foods

Emergency time is all about ensuring proper nutrition for yourself and your family. Having plenty of dried fruits can satiate your need for mid-meal pangs of hunger. You need to have lentils, brown rice, dried beans, etc. in your home. They are packed with magnesium – an essential micronutrient that improves metabolic functions and strengthens the immune system.

Even though summers are here, you can keep a few packets of packed soup and have them now and then, especially if you feel a little under the weather. And it is okay to have your favorite foods like Maggi or other instant noodles sometimes. However, do not have them all the time. Take extra precautions to stay healthy by getting the required nutrition.

  1. High-protein foods

High Protein Foods

The availability of fresh and frozen non-vegetarian products is bound to fluctuate. So you might need to buy some in advance or look for alternatives. Have legumes with whole-wheat sources like brown rice. Get some protein bars to munch during brunch time, supper time, or after your workout. However, get the sugar-free bars or the ones with the lowest quantity of sugar.
Keep some ready-to-eat cold meats to prepare sandwiches or just have them right out of the bag. Adding them to dishes like pasta, soup, etc., will make them tasty as well as protein-rich. You can also get canned tuna or canned beans.

  1. Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods

Having some frozen foods can be your savior in times like these. Frozen foods retain most of the nutritional value, which is why they are a good idea. When you visit the superstore, be sure to grab a few protein-rich frozen foods like fish, lean beef, chicken because they will last in your fridge for a long time. Stick to unprocessed meats like chicken breasts, chicken tenders, etc.

  1. Treats and Desserts

Treats and Desserts

Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your favorites like cookies, chocolates, and other desserts as long as you don’t have too many. Baking at home when you are at home and do not have much to do is a wise choice.

  1. Medicines


We are lucky the grocery stores and the pharmacies are not shut. However, you can and should stock up on prescription medicines so that you don't have to run to the pharmacy. See your doctor and ask him/her if there are any medicines you absolutely need. Make sure you have a prescription. Although it's hardly the case, you can get the medicines delivered if the local pharmacy is shut. Don’t purchase medicines like you buy candy but have all the essentials. Get tissues, hand-wash liquids or bars.

  1. Other Items

Other Items

Luckily toilet paper is not something that will run out in the stores in India for obvious reasons. However, you can still keep using them; buy them in a normal quantity. Hand sanitizers are hard to find but you can solve that problem by washing your hands often; it is even preferred over sanitizing. Just having a small bottle of sanitizer is enough for when you step out. Wearing a face mask cannot be bad; wear one when you’re using public transport.

Shop wisely and take all the precautions to prevent COVID-19.

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