This Mothers Day Stay Fit With Your Moms
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This Mothers Day Stay Fit With Your Moms
Published on: 11th May,2024
Last Updated on: 06th Jun,2024

Mothers are always resembled with love. The affection a woman can share when she turns into a mother is an impeccable journey to look for. A mother's role is undeniably the most vital bit necessary for nurturing a being. Indeed, she deserves all the appreciation in the world. But with all the love she has within herself, how much is she left with herself? 

Fitness for moms is still a challenge, considering her time and effort. From performing her chores to professional calls, moms are always on the move. However, a little time is left before she can make a move for herself. This Mother's Day, FITPASS is here to cherish this beautiful being by making her firm and strength count. We bring you a few curated reasons and a Mother's Day fitness challenge that you can share with your mothers and fulfil their fitness needs because moms deserve the best and the fittest.

Workout for Fitster Moms

workout for fitster moms

Moms can always maintain their love for their favourite things, be it their babies, their family, or their fitness. We are talking about you to all the mothers here to balance their work and workouts. These fun fitness activities keep a mother on her toes, with a rush to remain active and healthy all the time. 

Importance of Workouts for Moms

importance of workouts for moms

A woman needs to understand and listen to their bodies. Biologically, a woman undergoes a lot of changes, which can harm her lifestyle if she doesn't balance it out with healthier habits. From childbirth to parenting, a woman's body may experience hormonal imbalances, lethargy, weight loss or weight gain, mental turmoil and so on. An active body is always ready to tackle all diseases. It's easy when you keep moving, but more effort can help you achieve the same. Workouts and regular exercise are the key to maintaining your fitness levels, especially in mothers so they can handle their daily deeds. Exercise also keeps your body engaged and maintains hormonal imbalances, specifically for your Mother. 

Benefits of Regular Exercise for Mothers

Stress Management

Being a mother brings a lot of stress to a woman's life, physically or mentally. Stress can lead to severe health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, risk of heart attack and more. Regular exercise makes managing stress convenient for your Mother, as workouts release endorphins that make you feel happier and more energetic. 


Every Mother compromises on sleep, yet it is the most essential thing she needs. Exercise can improve sleep quality and enhance productivity as well. If you remain well-rested, you stay energetic for the rest of the day. 

Weight Management

Exercise is by far the most effective way to manage your body weight. A lot of moms deal with body issues that bring down their confidence. Exercise and good nutrition can keep them toned and help them attain their desired body type. 

Energy Boost

We all know mothers run ahead of time. Whether we talk about stay-at-home moms or working mothers, they always tend to stay on their toes. They need a lot of energy, which keeps them going. Exercise helps boost energy, strengthen heart muscles, and improve blood circulation, keeping a mother's body energetic throughout the day.

It's easy for your mum to follow a fitness routine without hassle. She needs your love and a personal trainer to teach her the best exercises. That's easy! Download the FITPASS app and get FITCOACH, where you can get a personal A.I.-led fitness trainer who designs a workout circuit based on your fitness levels. You can also customise your circuit or follow a routine set by your A.I. Fill an HRA with your weight, height, and a few more details and leave the rest to the A.I. trainer. 

Fitness Feast with Mothers

fitness feast with mothers

Nutrition is equally essential for a mother as her physical health. Exercises are best complimented with proper nutrition plans if you want to reap the full benefits of the activity. A woman's body needs the appropriate nutrition, which all moms conveniently neglect. We, as their children, need to take care of her nutrition. 

Benefits of Nutrition for Mothers

benefits of nutrition for mothers

Mothers, needlessly delivering their love on our lunch boxes, often forget that their tummies also need some love. The importance of the right amount of nutrition for your Mother needs no reason but is a daily habit that must be incorporated into her lifestyle so that she remains healthy and fit. 

Healthy Heart

Heart risks are prevalent in women. Eating good and nutritious food is crucial to reducing the risk of chronic heart disease. Avoiding highly processed food and refined products and replacing those with healthy and tasty substitutes can keep your Mother's health at its best.

Healthy Hormones

Women experience more hormonal changes than men. Proper nutrition can help balance hormones and other gynecologic issues, such as PCOS and menopause. A balanced diet with low-glycemic index foods, including calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and healthy fats, can help at every age. 

Healthy Weight

A nutritious diet can help your Mother manage her weight and increase her energy levels. Foods with high fibre and the right amount of carbs and proteins are equally necessary to maintain her weight. Since a woman's body undergoes a vast transformation, keeping her weight in control with a healthy diet is essential.

A mum must realise that nutrition is essential for her children and herself. However, it could be easier for her to understand her nutritional needs with assistance. No gift is better than the gift of health for your Mother, and this Mother's Day, you can get your Mother a membership of FITFEAST, where she can get an easy consultation from her nutritionist and a customised diet plan that perfectly suits her taste and preferences. Download the FITPASS app and get FITFEAST today for her. 

Fun Fitness Challenge

Now you know, backed by scientific evidence, how important it is for children to take good care of their mothers. For many mothers, prioritising fitness may seem like a challenging task. Here, we bring you a fun fitness challenge that includes a weekly workout plan that you can perform daily with your Mother and see an enchanting difference in her lifestyle. 

15 Min Workout Challenge for Mothers

15 min workout challenge for mothers

Even 15 minutes daily can raise your Mother's energy levels. Share this workout challenge with your Mother, perform it daily with her, and see the difference in a week.

Day Exercise Sets Reps
Monday Jumping Jacks 3 30
Lunges 3 30
Glute Bridges 3 20
Wall Pushups 3 30
Tuesday High Knees 3 30
Lunges 3 30
Knee Pushups 3 20
Side Leg Lifts 3 20
Wednesday Jumping Jacks 3 30
Calf Raises 3 30
Donkey Kicks 3 20
Burpees 3 10
Tricep Dips 3 20
Thursday High Knees 3 30
Mountain Climbers 3 20
Second Plank 3 20
Pile Squats 3 20
Saturday Lunges 3 30
  Cross Jacks 3 30
  Second Plank 3 20
  Butt Kicks 3 20
Sunday Take a break and enjoy a delicious & nutritious Sunday brunch with your Mother.    

As you say, your mom is your biggest strength; it's time to make her the strongest. FITPASS is running a brand-new offer to make your Mother's Day even more special. FITPASS is offering an exclusive 10% discount on each membership. We have it all if you want to access several fitness studios across India with your favourite workouts, get your nutritionist, work with an A.I., or work with international trainers virtually. Download the FITPASS app today and make a difference in your Mother's life.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do moms stay fit?

Moms stay fit in various ways, depending upon their schedule and lifestyle. Mothers can keep fit by exercising regularly, eating healthy, being mindful, using stress management techniques, etc.

Why is fitness necessary for mothers?

Fitness is essential for mothers for several reasons: increased energy levels, improved physical health, enhanced mental health, better sleep, stress relief, improved self-confidence and more.

How can I encourage my mom to exercise regularly?

You can discuss with your mother the benefits of exercising regularly, find activities she enjoys, plan workouts together, celebrate achievements, create fun fitness challenges, and more.

Which exercises are best for my mother?

The best exercises for mothers depend on their fitness levels. Some of the most effective exercises for mothers are walking, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Jogging, and strength training.

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