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Odd-Even Workout Guide

Odd-Even Workout Guide

Sanjana Kaushik 28 April, 2016 Updated on : 29 Jan 2019

After a first successful round of Odd-Even, it's back with a bang with its second instalment in Delhi. Whilst your contemplation on car-pooling with your friends or family, fitpass rounds up an odd-even workout guide to make sure that this time around, you don’t miss your workouts.

We often get bored with our monotonous fitness regime and end up not working out at all. Step out of your comfort zone today and try this Cardio-And-Strength combo.
Mix it up as per your requirement.


Day 1. Cardio : Aerobics



We all start our workouts with a cardio session and running on a treadmill is a little boring, isn’t it? Give your cardio a twist.
How about Aerobics? Aerobics workout has a lot of health benefits along with cardio vascular fitness. There are numerous forms of aerobics like skipping a rope at home, running or jogging, or joining a gym.


Day 2. Strength : Combat Training



Combat training is a trend nowadays. It improves strength, power, stamina and stability. You learn to transpose energy from your lower body to your upper body.
Interesting, isn’t it? Since this training involves arms, shoulders, legs, core, it is beneficial for you in every way. There are a lot of variations of combat training too.


Day 3. Cardio : Dance Workouts



Who doesn’t love to dance? It is a great cardio option to be fit and happy at the same time. Put some music on and groove along with the beats even if you have no idea about the rhythm. There is more to a bollywood dance classes than you think. It boosts brainpower, tones the muscles, improves strength and then you also get to meet new friends and have a great time.

Check out these amazing dance workouts :- Top 5 dance workouts in delhi


Day 4. Strength : Circuit Training



There is a plus point to this workout. 30 minutes of circuit training is enough for the day. That’s easy, right It's a solution for all your fitness problems  https://fitpass.co.in/blog/crunched-for-time-try-circuit-training

Day 5. Cardio : Pilates



It’s time to say goodbye to the stress. Pilates helps you in every way. It develops the centre of the body. Gain long, lean muscles, more flexibility, strong abdominal and back with this workout. A lot of studios in Delhi offer this must-try workout. Don’t wait for a sign; 5th day is your pilates day.


Day 6. Whole package : Boot Camps





The last session of the week? How about doing cardio and some strength training together? Boot camps are the best fit for this. These camps are physical training programs conducted by gyms or trainers where they focus mainly on strength and endurance. It is a circuit of intense physical workouts targeting core, arms, glutes, legs and back. End your week with burning intensity.




Day 7. Your Day : Take rest



Yayy, congratualtions!!  You made it to the end of the week. Do you know what this means? It’s the Cheat day and/or Rest Day. Start your day with some regular stretching or yoga, have healthy meals and yes maybe one cheat meal.

Fitness is 25% Exercise and 75% diet. So, don’t forget to have a healthy diet along with these workouts.

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