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How To Make Workout At Work

How To Make Workout At Work

Mitul Govil 23 January, 2017 Updated on : 08 Jun 2021

Dreaming of abs but can't get rid of flabs? Here are 14 do-it-yourself exercises to find fitness in your crunched schedule and work out at work!

92% people fail their new year resolutions and a jaw-dropping 67% are about getting or staying fit. Yet, gyms and fitness studios run out of business and McDonald's gets longer queues for meals. While many people take a start and find themselves motivated on the morning after new year's day, the treadmills find themselves rusting by the next week.

“I don't have time.” is a more commonly heard statement than “Good morning” these days. Professionals are witnessing increments in their wages, but unfortunately, their waistlines too. Pants start to riot as sports shoes rot, and shopping becomes a test of self respect. While office spaces make sure that their employees have to move around the least to get things done, it's also a curse for your body, and before you know it, you've added 10 more kilos and an annoying belly to your frame.

So ask yourself this. Do you deserve better? Do you want stop settling for a belly

And if your IQ is better than a potato, then the answer should always be “Yes!”. And if not us or yourself, then please, oh please, listen to the poor chair creaking under you.

They are easy, hardly take time and they aren't humiliating, well, unless you purposely want it to be. So rock your Fridays at work with our fitness themed merchandise and use these 14 easy to do work exercises.

1. The Stairway to a raise

The Stairway to a raise

Want to avoid elevator small talk in favor of elevating the heart rate? Take the stairs! Accelerate on the straight-aways and take two at a time every other flight for a real leg burn.

2. The Calf Raises

The Calf Raises

Boss killing your time with a printout of a 100 document? Make use of the chance with some calf raises by the printer, get your legs toned and don't forget to wear a slim fit jeans after the results start to speak for themselves.

3. The Squeeze

The Squeeze

Remember what you did to make those pants fit your waist? Yes! Why not try this easy to do desk exercise at your workplace while your hands workout on the keyboard? Inhale and pull your stomach inside for 5 seconds. Repeat till it stays inside and doesn't come back out.

4. Nooo idea

Nooo idea

Warning : Can get your job in danger if done  in front of your boss when asked for an answer. Raise your shoulders till near your neck, and hold for 5-10 seconds. If you're not satisfied, take your laptop and bag in your hands and do this, standing erect. Still want more? Get a stack of papers to grip onto. Repeat at least 10-15 times till you get an idea. Okay sorry about that one.

5. The Villain’s neck

To strengthen neck muscles on one side, place right hand against the right side of head and try to push against right hand. To work on rotation, put hands on both sides of head, try to turn head to the left and right but don’t let head turn. For extension, put both hands behind head and retract head backward into hands. Do make sure that you have an evil laugh at hand while doing this one. HAHAHAHAH.

6. The Wall (Street) Lean

Waiting for a meeting to start? Or for some magic that'll get you promoted? Make way for your upper arm muscles! Lean against the nearest wall, supporting your body with the forearm only. Now lean into the wall until the upper arm almost touches it, and then push back out. Repeat for 15 reps, or till you get promoted.

7. The Handshake

The Handshake

Yes, Watson! It's in your handshakes too!  Hold your palms together as if shaking hands with yourself and pull! This can be a little awkward if someone sees you when you’re in the middle of this one, so proceed with caution.

8. The Deskercise

The Deskercise

Lean forward on your desk with your body in a straight line, and

Do not try if the desk is on a slippery surface or the company cut a lot of costs in its quality.

9. The Stag Kick

The Stag Kick

Oh, you do want your boss or the annoying coworker being you when you’re doing this one, because whoever gets a taste of this, definitely going very, very down. Bend arms at the elbow. Bring one foot up toward your rear end while straightening your arms so that your hands are down when your foot is up.

10. The Boxer

The Boxer

Boss giving you a hard time? While rocking foot to foot, punch with alternating arms. To make sure your arm remains in one piece, do not fully stretch your elbow. Just don’t do this in front of someone from the Human Resources department. Neither do we take responsibility of someone you might knock out cold while doing this.

11. The Breather

It means the extension of breath. Alternate nostril breathing also known as anulom/vilom pranayama is best recommended at work as it not only de-stress but also supplies oxygen to the entire blood stream

12. Under The Table

Apologies for breaking the monotony of exercise titles, but it must be okay, since breaking the monotony is our expertise. Start with feet flat on floor, sit tall at your desk. Hold your abdominal muscles tight and extend one leg until it is level with your hip. Hold for ten seconds and lower your leg. Repeat 15 times for each leg.

13. The (Johnnie) Walker

Guess what? 10 minutes of this highly underrated exercise can really help you burn a lot of fat and cals. Unless, you stop by at someone’s desk to munch on his meal or dessert, these 10 minutes can help you focus better as well. No wonder Sherlock solves his cases while he’s pacing around!

We know your expertise at Microsoft Office, Java and tricking your boss. But it won't hurt to flirt with that cute receptionist, right? Well, that’s one type of motivating factor. And as it seems correct, motivation can be hard to find, especially if it has to be found early in the morning. So better get a little hard on yourself, or find your fitness goals drowning in your cup of hot chocolate.