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5 Essential Exercises For Sculpted Abs

5 Essential Exercises For Sculpted Abs

Rukmani Anand 17 January, 2018 Updated on : 18 Dec 2018

You open your Instagram handle or Facebook account just to see a galore of girls and boys with washboard abs either making you envy or inspiring you.  You, even, dismiss them thinking they only exist on these social media platforms and not in reality. But the real urge to get your own set of abs arises when you see your friends, relatives and even that person who you would have never imagined with abs is showing off around. 

Here Are 5 Best Core Exercises.




1.  Planks – Due to its numerous benefits, it is considered as gods of exercise. It conditions your core while burning belly fat, strengthening your back, immensely improving your posture and flexibility.

Tip (intermediate level) – Try putting some weight on your back while holding the plank position.


Hanging Leg Raise


2.  Hanging Leg Raises  - It primarily affects your lower abdominal muscles where it is hardest to get abs.  Hanging leg raises helps you increase your strength all the while defining your abs and lets you have the control over your core muscles.

Tip – Try the movement in slow motion and feel the burn!




3.  Squats - Yes, you read that right!  While working on the legs, the squats engage your core and abs more than any other exercise.  You cannot squat right if you don’t engage your core muscles! So, squat enough to have abs and that sexy booty.

Tip – Try a mix of squats variations such as overhead squats, free squats, and front squats.


Mountain Climbers


4. Mountain Climbers – It is an exercise that works on multiple muscles at a time. With improved metabolic rate, fat is burned at a higher rate while strengthening the core.  If you have that extra layer of fat around your abdomen then mountain climbers should be your ideal choice.

 Tip – To make it challenging, place your palms on a stabilizing ball.


Boat Pose


5.  Boat Pose  - This exercise is way harder than you can imagine! It is more than just an exercise as it relieves stress, aids digestion, strengthens the spine, hip flexor and hamstrings with sculpted abs as a “cherry on top”. The exercise starts working when you feel the burn in your abdomen so don’t give up.

Tip - Combine it with floor leg raises to get double benefits.