Winter Workout Motivation
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Winter Workout Motivation
Published on: 11th Dec,2018
Last Updated on: 26th Dec,2019

Ah! Winters are here and all the coats, jackets, mufflers and blankets are out. With long nights and short days, all of us are in a daze to stay in and sip on our cuppa. Now just imagine doing all these and feeling warm after a good winter workout. Well, it may seem difficult, but once you are in the drill, you can actually feel the energy and the comforting warmth exuding from within you. So, let’s get you to stay motivated and push yourself out of the bed every wintry morning:    

Tips For Winter Workout Motivation

Winter morning workout

Go to bed on time: Winter is the time when sleep rises to power. Its comfortable embrace is not easy to let go. You need at least seven to eight hours of good night sleep to fight the drowsy after effects in the morning. A well-rested you can get out of bed more easily than an under-slept you.     

Give Yourself the Cold Splash: As soon as you get up in the morning, drag yourself straight to the basin and give your face a splash of the chilling cold water. Yes, that helps to instantly snap you out from the dreamy world to reality reminding you that you have a fitness goal to pursue. 

workout in winter

Remember why you started: Speaking of fitness goals, remind yourself every morning and night why you have chosen the path to fitness. Remember your goal and how much you have worked hard to come all the way.

Warm up with Stretches: Whether static or dynamic, stretches always help you to loosen your muscles amidst the frigid winter mornings. Feel the warmth in your blood and shoo away all the lazy feels as you perform the various stretches and pump up for the main workout.

Get Active Indoors with yoga postures

Get active indoors: Who says working out has to be only at the gym or outdoors? You can very well work out in your own room and stay fit. Take your head out of this misconception that fitness can only happen with the aid of equipment. Try doing freehand exercises or yoga postures and see yourself glow against the dreary winters.

An Alarm to Wake You Up for Good!: Prioritize your wakeup call. Set an alarm tune that helps you to open your eyes wide and welcome the new day. It can be your favorite song, a good trance that motivates you or something that startles you like death metal!


Reward Yourself:  There’s nothing good like rewards! Whether in school, college or work, rewards have always helped us to be motivated and put a smile across our face. So, treat yourself on achieving the mini goals to keep you motivated in your fitness journey with a spa visit, your favorite chocolate or even a trip.             

The Coming Summer is Your Motivation: Winter melts into hot summers. If nothing works out, imagine the pool parties and beach parties in summer. It’s an instant motivation for fitness my friends! This is the one thing that can get you up on a treadmill in a blink if nothing else can.      

Motivated enough? Now, let’s turn up the heat and beat this winter up with some kickass workouts!

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