Weight Training Technique: The Do's and Don'ts You Need to Know

Weight Training Technique: The Do's and Don'ts You Need to Know

Bansuri Dass 27 February, 2023 Updated on : 17 Apr 2023

Weight training is one of the dominant exercises one goes to the gym for. It consists of lifting weights in various forms and repeating those motions in order to burn fat, strengthen muscles, and build muscle mass. A vital aspect of weight training is doing it with the correct form and technique since we’re intentionally loading our muscles with weights they’re not used to. Not only can incorrect technique make your weight training ineffective, but it may also lead to injuries.

Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Training

Lifting weights may seem straightforward, but a lot is going on that’s not very evident. We may try to emulate other people working out in the gym, but more often than not, what we copy is incorrect in the first place. So, before you begin your weight training with gusto, make sure you check out the following do’s and don’ts.


Lift weights that you’re comfortable with

There is absolutely no truth in the idea that you should lift very heavy weights to build more mass quickly. This is sadly a common misconception that leads to beginner fitness enthusiasts jumping to heavy lifting and ending up with sprains, strains and even fractures. Start small, improve your technique and then gradually increase your weight.

Use the Correct Technique

The right technique ensures that you get the most out of weight training exercise without injuries. Learn the range of motions in an exercise and make sure you go through that range correctly. Whenever in doubt, take the help of personal trainers or fitness specialists. To find a good gym with a trainer, try searching online for “weightlifting classes near me”, or “weight training near me”.


It is so important to keep breathing during weight training because your muscles need that oxygen. We tend to stop our breath when exerting a force and the same is true during weight training. Remember to breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in as you lower it.

Rest Your Muscles

You need to rest your muscles in between workouts. Make sure you don’t work on the same muscles on consecutive days. For example, if you did an arm workout on Monday, go for leg training on Tuesday.


Don’t Ignore the Warm-Up

Muscles that haven’t warmed up are more prone to injury. Always warm yourself up with light aerobics, walking, or jogging for 10 minutes before you start lifting weights.

Don’t Compare

There’s a bit of competitiveness that naturally creeps up in weight training. We always tend to look at how much weight others are lifting and try to match that. But this is totally counter-productive as we would be on the receiving end of injuries.

Look at other experienced fitness enthusiasts only for the proper form and technique. When it comes to weights, find out what’s right for you. 

Don’t Rush Yourself

Lifting weights in a slow, controlled manner with proper breathing allows you to isolate the muscles you want to work on. Don’t try to be quick to finish your set of exercises haphazardly. Mindful and slow lifting also ensures you’re using your muscle strength to lift, and not the momentum of your fast movements.

Don’t Disregard Pain

Pain when lifting is a sign from your body that something is not right. If you experience pain during weight training, lower the weight or skip that exercise for a few days. You can also try a different exercise for the same muscle groups. 

Proper weightlifting techniques can be the difference between ineffective, unsafe workouts and safe, effective ones. The right kind of fitness guidance can go a long way in ensuring that your weight training is successful. With a FITPASS Membership, you get a fitness ally right in your pocket that can guide you along your fitness journey. Additionally, access to FITPASS-TV  means that you can improve your form and technique via high-definition workout videos by certified weight trainers.

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