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Akshay Kumar Fitness Secret, Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Akshay Kumar Fitness Secret, Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Rukmani Anand 08 February, 2018 Updated on : 22 Jan 2020

Like so many others, I have admired the way celebrities transform their bodies from time to time for each movie and still manage to stay in good shape. Intrigued by their lifestyles, I have followed them closely for long and tried to learn from them. Be it gluten-free, keto or vegan diet, I have tried them all.

I came upon the routine of the Khiladi of Bollywood and decided to follow Akshay Kumar fitness regime. You won’t believe how simple his lifestyle is; He follows a basic diet plan and a HIIT workout routine, which comprises of forms of martial arts along with meditation.

Akshay Kumar Workout Routine

He keeps his principles, come what may.

  1. Never tasted tea or coffee in his entire life
  2. Rarely drinks alcohol and never indulges in smoking
  3. Rises with the Sun rise and sleeps when the Sun set
  4. Hardly parties and usually finishes his dinner by 7 P.M.
  5. Abstains from consuming sweets or sugar at night
  6. Prefers walking over car, and stairs to elevators/lift, whenever possible

 What he looks like today has taken years of dedication and most importantly, discipline. 

Here is Akshay Kumar’s Daily Diet 

Akshay Kumar Diet Plan

He starts his day with Parathas and milk which are a rich source of carbs, proteins and fats. The combination kick-start his day. Having tried this, I felt an instant boost of energy and active throughout the day.
He ensures eating something every 2-2.5 hours. Even though I didn’t feel hungry after such a wholesome breakfast, I ate an apple after a couple of hours. I usually feel hunger pangs before lunchtime, but the apple took care of that from the very first day.
I felt energetic throughout the day when I followed his diet religiously; dinner at 7:30 P.M. and was asleep by 10. I slept really well and woke up fresh. An interesting fact is that he relies on carbs in the form of whole wheat and fruits as a source of energy. He never spends a day without veggies that satiate his energy needs for a day filled with physical activity.
His food choices are really simple and easy to procure, which is what makes this plan valuable and easy to follow. Most importantly, I could resist the urge to eat processed foods and sugar since I was eating healthy and filling foods at fixed intervals.
After following the diet for a week, I realized that I had more energy and lighter feet. I have decided to follow his routine as it has positively impacted my mind, body and sleep. Hopefully, within a few weeks I shall lose some weight and get into a shape like his!

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