Tiger Shroff’s Transformation From Heropanti To Baaghi 2

Tiger Shroff’s Transformation From Heropanti To Baaghi 2

FITPASS Editorial Team27 March, 2018Updated on : 21 Nov 2022

Ever since his debut in Heropanti, Tiger Shroff has wowed us with his dancing skills, terrifying stunts, and chiselled body. He not only has a great physique but is also very fit and strong. Tiger performs his stunts, mid-air splits, punches, and backflips with super ease and looks super-cool while doing so. Passionate about fitness, he prefers to do his stunts himself without the use of cables or body doubles. With the release of Tiger Shroff’s new movie – Baaghi 2 his fit body and toned muscles have already won him praise and appreciation among his fans and the film fraternity.

Tiger Shroff’s Transformation

Tiger’s love for fitness started at the tender age of 15. With a bony physique, under the guidance of his trainer, he started lifting weights and focusing on his fitness. Today, he visits the gym every day and focuses on different body parts each day. Moreover, he prefers to work out for 60 to 90 minutes every day and follows a strict balanced diet.

Here's how Tiger Shroff got his amazing bulky look For Baaghi 2!

Tiger Shroff

Firstly, Tiger had to gain 5 kilos and flatten his superb body. He also practices Martial Arts to keep his body fit and keep his muscles toned.Tiger starts his week by practicing pull-ups with a weight of 85 kilos. He also practices one-arm dumbbell rolls (100 kilos) for a killer back workout. On Tuesday’s he focuses on his chest. Tiger’s typical chest workout includes flat benches, incline benches, and dumbbell presses.Wednesday’s are for legs. He practices squats, hamstrings, step-ups, and barbells and focuses on his hamstrings. On Thursday Tiger focuses on his arms. He practices Olympic Bareback Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Close Curls, Close Grip, Press Downs, and Skull Crashes. Friday’s are for shoulder workout and includes Shoulder Press, Military Press, use of Dumbbells, lateral raises etc. He performs deadlifts, squats, and push-ups on Saturday.On Sunday’s he works on his abs and does crunches and reverse crunches.

Tiger Shroff’s mixed martial arts

For a healthy start to the day, Tiger likes to keep his breakfast light but full of proteins and fibres. Therefore, on any day on his breakfast table, you would usually find him having steamed or grilled Basa fish, egg whites, oatmeal, some veggies, a handful of almonds or green tea. In between his meals, he munches on dry fruits and drinks a whey shake. His lunch consists of brown rice, a chicken dish, and boiled veggies. Before starting with his fitness training sessions in the evening, he drinks a glass of protein shake. He ends his day with lots of green veggies like broccoli and green beans for dinner. The rigorous amount of training that he goes through, he never forgets to drink gallons of water to keep his body hydrated. Apart from this, Tiger stays away from cigarettes and alcohol. He also practices gymnastics after drinking his protein shake.

tiger shroff's fitness training and diet

Tiger Shroff’s love for adrenaline pumping activities is quite evident from his choice of sports. In an interview, he once said that he wanted to be an athlete but owing to its low prospects in India he took up acting. Tiger loves playing football and is also trained in martial arts and a great admirer of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Apart from that, he is also a great supporter of the highly challenging exercise parkour and free running.

Despite having the means to a lavish lifestyle, this star kid leads a very self-disciplined life. If it was not for his self-discipline, he would not have had such an enviable fitness level. He is never seen partying around the town late at night or found drinking or smoking in a corner. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, he sleeps early and gets up early in the morning.

tiger shroff's gym workout

Here's wishing him more success and health with the release of Baaghi 2 right around the corner.