Shahid Kapoor Transforms For Kabir Singh. Know His Fitness Secrets!

Shahid Kapoor Transforms For Kabir Singh. Know His Fitness Secrets!

Pompi Borah 24 May, 2019 Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor, one of the Bollywood’s very own perfectionist displays repeatedly his dedication and commitment. With every character, Shahid has shown us that he can go through extreme body transformations to portray a character in a movie. Achieving a lean and toned fit body needs patience, hard work, and determination. 

However, Shahid Kapoor's transformation for the movie Kabir Singh was too extreme and very impressive.
He gained 8 kgs to play a functioning alcoholic person which make him the image of a bloated person and again he dropped 12 kg to portray the image of a boyish look which is smaller than his frame, to play a medical college student.

Now Shahid Kapoor with all his fitness transformation is all set for his upcoming movie Kabir Singh. The role of Shahid in the movie has not only made him gained weight but also he had to lose it. This was done by Shahid incredibly.

Have A Look on How Shahid Kapoor‘s Transformation Will Give You A Major Fitness Goal

Shahid Kapoor's Transformation For Kabir Singh

Diet Secrets of Shahid Kapoor

Diet Secrets of Shahid Kapoor

For Shahid, a healthy lifestyle consists of exercise, balanced diet and good health with adequate rest. Shahid always follow a balanced diet. As a pure vegetarian person dismissed the meat-based eating routine in his diet routine.

Shahid has grown his muscles mass absolutely from a plant based eating routine. For his protein requirement in his fitness regime this on-screen actor always eats a ton of nuts, seeds, vegetables and verdant greens.

While remembering the movie Padmaavat, Shahid was put on an exacting 40-day diet routine. His intake dinners in small quantity like sweet nugget made of coconut milk and bowl of cut mangoes as a feature of his mid-feast snacks.

He avoid sugar and salt as sugar has no beneficial for fitness as  it just offers approach to purge calories that lead to weight gain.

Workout Routine of Shahid

Workout Routine of Shahid

Shahid's exercise routine depends according to the role he portrays in different movies. As, he experienced an exceptional boot camp for 'Padmaavat', and furthermore he learned sword battling and take training on combat workouts and techniques. 

For his different look in Udta Punjab, he completed a ton of functional training, Strength training and bodyweight training along with cardio works out.

Many of us may not know that Shahid is a well trained dancer. He took his dance training worked with Shiamak Davar in his troupe as a young person. Shahid has regularly acknowledged dancing as a future advantage for him.

Shahid always leads a much-disciplined life with dedication and follows clean rituals of eating and working out to keep himself in shape. According to Shahid, good food, good workout, and good sleep and relaxation  make a tripod stand that you need to lead a fit life. 

He also emphasises on getting at least 7 hours of sleep and take a peaceful sleep every night to be active and energetic the next day for his works as shooting for a movie.

Shahid has made his firm mark in the industry and is an inspiration to many. We can’t wait to see Shahid Kapoor’s magic in Kabir Singh releasing in the month of June’19.