Our Planet: Here Every Day is Earth Day

Our Planet: Here Every Day is Earth Day

Bansuri Dass 22 April, 2023 Updated on : 26 May 2023

A lot of websites will assure to give you of a guaranteed result on what is Earth day or the idea of Earth Day or even how to celebrate Earth Day. But not many pens down their genuine thoughts on how significant Earth Day is for all of us. By the time this blog pops on your screen, there shall remain some chances that either it’s already Earth Day or it already has been days since it passed. But the reason we want you to read this is that we want to remind you as long as we have our chances on the planet Earth, every day shall remain dedicated to mother earth. 

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage one and all to act upon protecting the planet. The impact of human activities on the planet can stay for a million years. It’s necessary for each being on this planet to perform in harmony with nature and act toward a more sustainable future. Earth Day, in particular, becomes an important reminder to reflect upon our duties to whether or what we are doing for our planet and become aware of the urgent needs including, climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity. 

Key Themes of Earth Day

In this blog, we will share with you some key themes of Earth Day which are looked upon every year and added to our agenda where mankind must collectively yet individually act towards it. 

1. Promoting renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy replenished from natural sources such as solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, etc. Currently, our prime source of energy consumption has become fossil fuels which in turn emit greenhouse gases when burned. Our main must remain to produce a product that is clean and sustainable.  

What we can do: 

  • Use solar-powered devices to generate energy for our household utilities such as installing solar panels on our roofs.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances at homes and offices including lights, air-conditioners, fans, etc.
  • Control the consumption of electrical appliances by switching them off for an hour or two every day. 
  • Support and promote businesses that drive people towards more renewable resources. 
  • Keeping our everyday energy consumption as simple as possible. 

2. Reducing Waste

The future is the result of our present. We must become sustainable today so that tomorrow is fruitful for our coming generation. Reducing waste is necessary for our environment and an essential environmental goal that can help in conserving natural resources and reducing harmful residuals for the future. 

What we can do: 

  • Following the 3R mantra – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Use products that can be replenished in the mentioned manner and avoid single-use products as much as possible.
  • Buy in bulk to cut down the extra packaging with materials that can create wastage. 
  • Follow BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag, each time you go for buying groceries and other essentials. 
  • Look for more organic products which can be that have minimal chances of producing waste. Natural waste can be transformed into compost, creating a nutrient-rich soil amendment.
  • Go digital and replace paper consumption. 

3. Conserving Water

Water is an essential element to all mankind within and outside. The manifesto of water conservation has been in a rage for ages for many organizations that tend to protect the planet in every way possible. It’s even essential to preserve our planet’s freshwater resources for our future generation who, by the by, will remain in great need of it one day. 

What we can do: 

  • Start saving water right from our homes, for instance, turn off the tap while washing dishes, brushing, bathing, or fixing the leakages if any. 
  • Harvest rainwater on your roofs or garden and invest while watering your plants or other purposes. 
  • Be mindful of the water usage, and set an alarm for water reminders each time you need to fill up your tanks. 
  • Install aerators on your faucets to reduce the flow rate.

4. Protecting wildlife & their habitats

Mother Earth has given an abode to numerous species other than mankind, who are unique in their ways. It’s important to stay clear of their ways of survival techniques and give them their own space to live their lives in peace be it even the smallest of creatures. Sometimes, we humans need to help other beings and conserve them by protecting the natural wildlife and their habitats, that essentially maintains the ecological balance. 

What we can do: 

  • Perform ethical and responsible tourism every time we plan our trips to spend it with nature. Nature is home to many creatures and we must respect it and let it stay the way it is. 
  • Follow government-enforced laws against poaching, hunting, and trafficking. 
  • Sustainable practices towards protecting wildlife by limiting the practices of deforestation, mining, and urbanization of mainly rural or green regions. 
  • Supporting organizations that are into protecting wildlife by performing volunteer work with them or supporting them through donations and other means. 
  • Raising awareness by generating more information on the effects of nature’s imbalance and encouraging everyone around to follow the key rules of sustainability. 

These key areas have been the main agenda behind celebrating Earth Day, not only expecting big organizations to come forward and follow sustainable methods but every individual must play their own part in making this planet a tranquil arena for one and all. This Earth Day, we at FITPASS urge everyone to switch to a more biotic approach with their living and dedicated every day to our mother Earth. 

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