How Working With FITPASS Has Changed Its Employees’ Lives
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How Working With FITPASS Has Changed Its Employees’ Lives
Published on: 18th Dec,2018
Last Updated on: 02th Feb,2023

FITPASS is an organization that strutted out with a mission in the year 2015 to spread the goodness of developing a fit lifestyle in the nation. Providing an overall fitness solution through a single app, the organization has not only concentrated on gym workouts but on other exercise regimes, sports and nutritional values that gift you a good life.


Currently spread across nine cities in India, the phenomenal journey of the organization has not only been its own but also of the people who have toiled day and night for a noble purpose. Here, we share a glimpse of how the mission and core value of this fitness organization have brought about a transformation in individual inspirations, thoughts and life goals of the team of 30.


“FITPASS is very close to my heart. I have been here since the organization was taking baby steps. And now, it has become an integral part of my life. It has become my responsibility. I have experienced significant growth in this organization. Considering that I am lean, I never paid that much attention to fitness, but while working with FITPASS, I got to understand just how much maintaining good health is important in one’s life. Your body type doesn’t matter. What matters is how healthy, fit and strong you are from within” said Jnanendra Veer who has been working with FITPASS since the day of its inception.

Jnanendra Veer

With ace shooter and World and Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra as the brand ambassador, FITPASS has partnered with over 3500+ fitness centers and provides a diverse range of more than one lakh workout options. The whole team of FITPASS perceives the organization not only as a place of work but as a well-knit family.

“When you have leaders who are as hardworking as the team itself, how can you expect it to not be a progressive organization? I have been with FITPASS for a little less than a year now and what I have noticed and appreciate the most is that there is no air of superiority in the management. It’s a very rare and precious quality that our leaders have, and that is why there is always a free flow of ideas and thoughts. I don’t think any organization provides the flexibility to its employees as much as FITPASS does and I am fortunate to be a part of this organization”, smiled Swati Padiyar.

Swati Padiyar

Apart from being an employee friendly organization, FITPASS’ team also accepts this fact that attuned to the loving and caring environment the employees themselves inspire each other towards a healthy lifestyle.

 “It is because we care for each other and the fact that we know what the body goes through when one is overindulging in junk, alcohol or a packet of smokes and is not working out. And it is scary. I used to go to the gym even before I joined FITPASS but I relished my cheat days. After joining FITPASS, I got to know through my fellow colleagues the adverse effects of not working out daily or having a whole cheat week and the honest fact that fitness should be given more importance than doles. They encouraged me a lot to keep going. I received a comforting push at FITPASS that has kept me regular with my workouts and diet”, said Shivam Oberoi, who has joined FITPASS only a few months back.

Shivam Oberoi

Assuring a clean and transparent work process FITPASS welcomes both newbies and seasoned professionals in its domain. And if charity begins at home, fitness can too begin in one’s second home – the workplace.   

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