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Delicious Breakfast Ideas | 7 Healthy Breakfast Foods

Pushkar Garg 14 April, 2020 Updated on : 14 Apr 2020

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day – determines what you eat throughout the rest of the day. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or get lean, breakfast sets the tone. It is rightly termed as the most important meal of the day. No one will ever suggest you skip breakfast unless of course, you fill your plate with unhealthy foods. 

We do not want to scare you into eating healthy but know that the wrong foods can cause cravings throughout the day making it hard for you to make the right eating choices. Eating well, on the other hand, will keep you full for longer, reduce cravings, and help with weight loss. Plus, you need to eat the right foods to stay energetic throughout the day. Get expert nutritional advice on your fingertips with FITFEAST. Call or chat with your personal nutritionist, track your calories, and get water reminders.

Healthy Breakfast Foods

  1. Eggs


What would so many bodybuilders do if there were no eggs? Eggs are a staple in so many diets. Coming to the nutritional value of eggs, they are great for breakfast because they contain fats and proteins that keep you full for longer and help you avoid consuming extra calories. Also, they maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels.

Egg yolk contains antioxidants that prevent macular degeneration & cataracts and choline that is essential for liver and brain function. Although eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol, they’re safe for many people – they increase HDL (good) cholesterol. You can get up to 20 grams of protein from 3 eggs as a breakfast meal.

  1. Coffee


We bet you’re following the Dalgona coffee trend in the lockdown. Many find it the best way to have coffee anyway. How would it be a healthy breakfast without coffee? It wakes you right up with its high caffeine content, which is good for your mood, alertness, and mental performance. And you do not even need a big mug of coffee. Interestingly, caffeine increases the metabolic rate and thus the rate at which fat burns. Coffee is packed with antioxidants that decrease the risk of blood vessel problems, diabetes, and liver disease.

  1. Smoothies


Smoothies are perfect for those on their way out with little time on their hands. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have these concentrated doses of nutrients when you have to stay home. Smoothies are convenient to make and good for weight loss. There’s no set recipe for a particular type of smoothie – change and experiment with ingredients as per your taste and preferences.
Add veggies and low-calorie fruits to add fiber to your semi-liquid meal. Adding protein-rich foods like nuts, seeds, nut butters, etc. is always a good idea. Keep in mind the calories though, which might be a problem if you add lots of ingredients.

  1. Bananas


Bananas are superfruits that contain lots of fiber but very few calories. They are much better than having sugar-rich cereals that you have mostly to satisfy your sugar cravings. Bananas are packed with a type of starch that is hard for the stomach and small intestines to digest. This resistant starch helps in reducing food intake and thus decreases fat. There are so many ways you can enjoy bananas – add them to yogurt or oatmeal. Have them with pancakes, add them to your smoothie or just eat them like that.

  1. Oatmeal


Oats are one of the best foods to lose weight while getting all the necessary nutrients. They are low in calories and high in protein and fiber. Protein and fiber, when consumed in good quantities, are the two most important nutrients for weight control. Oats contain a type of fiber – beta-glucan - that is good for the immune system as well as the heart. It prevents sugar spikes and crashes. Add berries, seeds, nuts, and a small spoon of honey to your oatmeal for a complete breakfast.

  1. Fruits


Yes, fruits are great breakfast foods. They contain lots of vitamins along with potassium and fiber. Most of them are low in calories as well, which is good for weight management. Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C, which is essential for the immune function. Having a couple of medium-sized oranges (packed with Vitamin C) every day can keep you healthy, especially in the time of coronavirus. Plus, fruits contain lots of fiber and water content, which makes them quite filling. Have fruit with an egg, toast or Greek yogurt for a great breakfast.

  1. Green Tea

Green Tea

Most diet pills and fat-burning supplements contain green tea. So, why not have Green Tea for breakfast? Lately, green tea has been a subject of studies to understand its effects on metabolism and its capacity to burn fat. According to studies, the effects of green on your fat are immediate – it speeds up the metabolism within 24 hours. You can have a cup of green tea with just about anything you choose to have for breakfast. Add a slice of lemon and teaspoon of honey for the perfect drink.

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