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5 Reasons Why You’re Failing At Sticking To Your Diet

5 Reasons Why You’re Failing At Sticking To Your Diet

Rukmani Anand 01 March, 2018 Updated on : 01 Mar 2018

Dieting does not mean depriving your body of the essential nutrients and putting it into starvation mode until it gives up on you and breaks its essential components for your satisfaction on the weighing scale. Diet is not a short-term weight loss, it is a long-term healthy lifestyle change where fat loss is bound to happen over a period and requires patience. Taking up a diet is the onset of a pattern where you choose healthy over unhealthy. However, this does not mean that once you lose weight, you can binge on anything, anytime.

Most of us misinterpret the meaning of diet and simply stop eating or reduce our calorie intake drastically. Our so-called ‘diet’ goes for a toss and becomes a nine-day wonder. As a result, we gain back excess weight over what we had lost. We start again and fail miserably, and the vicious cycle of dieting goes on forever.


Here are 5 reasons why we’re unable to stick with our diet plans:

  • Non-sustainable diet plan

A diet plan should be such which is easy to adapt and does not bring any drastic changes our lifestyle. These are plans which can be followed for long. Starting a fad diet without giving it a good thought will not reap benefits.

  • Setting unrealistic goals

If you want to starve yourself for a week and fit in your jeans at the end of the weekend. It is not a healthy lifestyle. We have gained those extra pounds over months or years and it will take some time to shed them off. Be realistic and practical while following your diet or setting your fitness goal.

  • Binge eating and craving

Cravings are natural – they happen to the strongest of us. We crave more when we are on a calorie-restricted diet. Either we don’t eat, or binge eats non-stop. We wouldn’t be able to follow a diet if we curbed our cravings and binge eating will nix our efforts. Moderation is the key. It is ok to eat what you crave but in mindful of portions.

  • Unplanned meals

Starting off with a good diet is easy but continuing it with the same intensity requires effort. People eat anything in front of them when they are hungry, whether a fruit or a pack of chips. It is your intelligence that you plan your meals in advance and don’t stack on unhealthy food.

  • Workout

There are many factors involved in successfully losing weight and how fast you can shed it off. One of the biggest factors is working out. An extremely low-calorie diet with a sedentary lifestyle will make you grumpy, tired, and frustrated. Physical activity helps in expending calories much faster than controlling the calorie intake with improved metabolism. A successful diet plan always gives priority to working out as well.

Creating a healthy lifestyle and shedding those extra pounds that are bad for health is not easy. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth. It takes a lot of determination and motivation to stay on track. By taking these tips and applying them to your life, you can work towards success and achieve the goals that you set. Most importantly, acknowledge and treat yourself for the hard work that you are putting forward into making this happen.