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Shvas The Body Architecture Yojna Vihar

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B-266 , Yojna Vihar, East Delhi, 110092
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Shvas The Body Architecture Yojna Vihar

About Us

Shvas The Body Architecture is a fitness studio located in Yojna Vihar. They provide 136 patterns in which 36 patterns are made by them and 365 days surprises. They provide training for calistenics, street workout, kick boxing, mixed martial arts, hatha yoga, weighted high intensity trainings (WHIT) and body high intensity trainings (BHIT), parkour, free running, gymnastics, freeletics, bootcamping, crossfit, zumba, aerobics, bhangra, acro yoga, meditation, aeriel yoga and gyming sections and more.

What will you achieve- Shvas The Body Architecture Yojna Vihar

With multiple workout options like Surprise Workout, Surprise Workout, Surprise Workout, Surprise Workout For Women, Surprise Workout For Women, Surprise Workout, Surprise Workout, Surprise Workout, Fitness Dance and much more available in just one tap, achieving your fitness goals is now fun, convenient, and easy.



Studio Safety & Hygiene

  • This fitness studio ensures that the arena remains clean and hygienic for its visitors for a delightful experience.
  • Equipment is disinfected by the staff members, after every workout attempt by a particular visitor.
  • Visitors are requested to keep the area clean throughout their workout session or later.
  • They also have a strict policy against user misconduct. Any misdeed or negligence shall not be entertained by any studio personnel.

Customer reviews & Rating



Shvas The Body Architecture is one of the best studios across Delhi. They offer dance classes and zumba training too. I joined the Shvas The Body Architecture a year ago and I am very satisfied with the services. The trainers are very professional the keep their eyes one each and every costumer, higly recommended.


I have been core training with Shvas The Body Architecture for over a year now, my experience has been phenomenal. With a really energetic training enviroment, highly supportive and efficient trainers and the best kind of equipment, this place is like nothing else. Core training helps me with my back injury and also helps in improving stability and balance.


Shvas The Body Architecture is very spacious and has group and individual dance classes. They have great service and also offer classes for various different dance forms such as- hip hop, salsa, contemporary, freestyle and many more. I would recommend Shvas The Body Architecture to anyone who wants to get into a dance fitness routine.


Shvas The Body Architecture has alot of good equipment, They have great service, although sometimes the staff are hard to find or not present during staff working hours, but this doesn't happen very often. I would suggest Shvas The Body Architecture helping anyone making a workout plan.

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