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Om Room Yoga Studio Dlf Phase 1

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B7/2, DLF Phase 1, Near Qutub Plaza, Gurgaon , Dlf Phase 1, Gurugram, 122002
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Om Room Yoga Studio Dlf Phase 1

About Us

Om Room Yoga Studio is a boutique owner-operated Yoga Studio in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon (Near Qutub Plaza). Om Room Yoga Studio offer private and group classes for students of all ages, sizes, and genders at any level of fitness with one common wish: “to become a better and healthier version of themselves”. The group classes at Om Room are offered with ample modifications at every level and other supplementary or complimentary exercises to suit your fitness goals. Our yoga practice focuses on principles of Anatomy Alignment and Posture to enable a steady and healthy practice to achieve strength, increase endurance. and gain flexibility

What will you achieve- Om Room Yoga Studio Dlf Phase 1

Yoga is an effective way to have a fit and healthy body. Regular practice of yoga gives you more flexibility and stability.


Water Cooler

Studio Safety Cleaning

  • Create a cleaning schedule. You can’t just assume employees will clean regularly; you must be specific. Create a schedule for regular cleaning of fitness equipment, the gym floor, locker rooms and bathrooms, and all other surfaces. Assign staff to each task and time slot and keep the schedule somewhere everyone can easily access it.
  • Train employees. Before expecting workers to clean and disinfect regularly, you must show them how to do it. Hold a mandatory staff training session to ensure everyone knows the best procedures for safely and effectively cleaning the gym and everything in it.
  • Organize inventory and ordering. Keep track of each type of cleaner and cleaning equipment with regular and updated orders to make sure you never run out.
  • Keep a cleaning log. Each part of the gym that gets cleaned regularly should have a visible log for recording cleanings. Use wipe boards with dates, times, and tasks. Ask employees to initial the appropriate part of the log each time they finish an assigned cleaning task.

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