Importance Of Dynamic Stretching Before Any Workout

Importance Of Dynamic Stretching Before Any Workout

Rukmani Anand 20 April, 2018 Updated on : 17 Dec 2018

If we were to ask how you would feel if someone splashed cold water on you while you were asleep, what would you have to say? Terrible, right? Your body goes through the same feeling when you start your workout without any stretching and warm up. A cold-water splash makes you cringe the entire day and a workout sans stretching makes your body cringe and sore.

Stretches Before Any Workout

There is a proper code of conduct one should follow during their workout regime to get best results. You should think like an athlete for your body to be in the best of state. One of the biggest mistakes one can make is skipping warm-up exercise before a workout. Not only is a warming up valuable, it’s essential, delivering benefits beyond simply preparing your body for exercise, and extending to issues of safety and performance.

Dynamic stretching has been shown to positively influence power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, and strength performance when used as a warm-up.

Here are some key points of dynamic stretching:

Dynamic Stretches

One of the main advantages of dynamic stretching is warming up the muscles to their working temperature, stretching them and therefore improving their function.

Stretching helps to loosen the muscles and tendons, you get relief from muscle fatigue. As you age, the body flexibility decreases, especially if you spend long hours at a desk or on the couch. That is why this type of warm-up is needed to “awaken” the dormant areas in the body, so they can function just like before.

benefit of stretching

Another benefit of stretching is increased and enhanced the flexibility of various muscle groups in the body. It aids constricted and contracted muscles to be restored to their original form.


Muscle fatigue and soreness occurs due to the lactic acid produced by the body when you start exercising. In fact, lactic acid starts to build up from the moment you begin the workout. Stretching helps to get rid of this and relaxes the muscles.

Stretching increases energy levels. When muscles remain stagnant, the blood tends to accumulate in them, so you feel tired and lethargic. Movement helps to nourish muscles and improve concentration levels, due to the blood flow to the brain. Thus, you get increased levels of energy.

Dynamic stretching works in dynamic ways for your body in improving posture, delaying muscle soreness and preparing your body for an injury-free workout. Incorporate stretching before your workouts and get ready to #GETSETSWEAT.