Do These 8 Workouts To Develop A Robust Core

Do These 8 Workouts To Develop A Robust Core

FITPASS Editorial Team26 July, 2018Updated on : 19 Jan 2023

The core is the torso of the body that incorporates muscles of the abdomen and the middle and lower back. Gaining core strength involves a collection of workouts that would stabilize and strengthen these muscles.


Here Are 8 Workouts To Have A Rock-Solid Core:    

•    Side Plank: Place your elbow at a right angle just under the shoulder, straighten your hips and back and contract the glutes. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat with the other arm.

Side Plank

•    Renegade Rows: Supporting your hands on two dumbbells, take the position of a push-up. Pull one dumbbell to the ribcage as the other rests. Repeat the same for the other hand. Maintain a straight posture.

Renegade Rows

•    Weighted Back Extensions: Raise the back extension machine at hip height, hold a weight plate close to your chest and bend downward.

Weighted back extensions

•    Medicine Ball Slams: Stand upright with a slam ball, lift the ball overhead and contract your abs as you slam it hard on the floor.

Medicine ball slams

•    Split Stance Cable Lift: In a half kneeling position pull a straight bar diagonally upwards and push the bottom hand forward.   

Split Stance Cable Lift

•    Ab Wheel Rollouts: Hold the ab wheel with both your hands, get on your knees, straighten your back and arms. Push the ab wheel forward and then pull it back.

Ab Wheel Rollouts

•    Dragon Flags: Lay back straight on a bench, hold the sides of it, pull the knees near the body, straighten the legs up in the air and lift your back so that only your heads and shoulders are in touch with the bench.  

Dragon Flags

•    Hanging Leg Raises: Hang off and stretch from a pull-up bar so that your spine is straight. Inhale and raise your knees as much close as possible. As you stretch again, exhale.  

Hanging Leg Raises

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