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Bokwa Will Whip You Into Shape

Bokwa Will Whip You Into Shape

Pompi Borah 14 March, 2018 Updated on : 17 Dec 2018

Bokwa is a cardio dance class with a blend of Hip-Hop and Step Aerobics that taps into South African dance-style. One of the fastest growing fitness programs in the world, Bokwa is teaching the world to “sweat through the alphabets, and dance to numbers!" Developed by Paul Mavi, Bokwa steps are based on letters and numbers, not choreography and is driven by the rhythmic beats of African, Latin and House music. Bokwa, a mix of Dance, Boxing and Kwaitoburns a lot of calories while having fun!

Bokwa is choreographed to mimic the action of writing alphabets. For example, draw the number “5” with your feet and get your body to move like the number. If you draw the letter “L” there are many ways with Bokwa workout to do it. There are many variations for each letter, for example, there is the ‘L-walk’, the ‘L-shake’ and the ‘L-flip flop’. 

Bokwa Dance

Health Benefits of Bokwa

  • Full-Body Workout

Bokwa is a full body workout and engages almost every muscle group of your body with a smooth and comprehensive fitness regimen. Bokwamakes your workout more efficient and helps you create a toned body just.

  • Get A Flexible Body

Get in shape with a flexible and stunning body by following simple and fun Bokwaroutine. An hour of Bokwa will make your body more flexible and help build your muscles.

Bokwa Dance

  • Bokwa for Everyone

No matter which age group you belong to, Bokwa has its own style for you and is specifically designed as per your comfort. Bokwa can easily be done by your kids or grandparents as it helps you stay fit at any stage of life.

  • Get Louder and Increase your Stamina

A stress buster, Bokwamakes your day fit and fun. Play your favorite Latin song, sing along, shake your body, and sweat out stress. Incorporatinghalf an hour of Bokwato your daily routine can increase your stamina extensively.

Bokwa Dance

  • Improves Posture

The movements in Bokwa are different from other workouts. The combination in Bokwa of different types of movements works out unique muscle groups in our body. The reduction in tension and improved range of motion boosts posture and flexibility.

  • Calorie Buster

Bokwabursts immense calories. An ideal Bokwa session burns 600-1000 calories. 

Bokwa dance

Bokwa is different but fun! Drawing letters and numbers with your feet and shimming to Latin music. It’s a great way to start making exciting new changes to your life and a great way to start reaching your fitness goals for a healthier life. Party yourself into shape with Bokwa!