6 Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Running

6 Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Running

Sanjana Kaushik 15 September, 2015 Updated on : 30 Nov 2018

Running is a great form of workout. It’s one of the most stress-busting exercises which boosts your overall fitness. Even though all you just need is a pair of shoes and an open road for it, practically all the gyms have a treadmill. That’s how much we love this experience. 

It burns insane calories- almost 10 cal/min which is pretty awesome! That does not take away from the fact that not everyone is a great running enthusiast.

Hence, FITPASS brings you 6 awesome high-intensity workouts which help you sweat out more calories that running on a summer day.


1. Skipping/Jumping Ropes (Up to 30% more)

On an average, it burns more calories than jogging. Moreover, it works on more muscle groups as well as balance and coordination.

Skipping/Jumping Ropes (Up to 30% more)

2. Indoor Rowing (Up to 30% more)

This is a more efficient workout for the body. It works on the back, legs, and arms together. Calorie wise, it can burn up to 30% more calories per minute.

Indoor Rowing (Up to 30% more)

3. Tabata Jump Squats (Up to 30% more)

4 minutes of this awesome workout burns almost 30% more calories than running. Of course, you might want to take breaks every 20 seconds, but that’s fine. The greatest thing is that it keeps burning calories even after the session and improves the metabolism as well.

Tabata Jump Squats (Up to 30% more)

4. Burpees (Up to 50% more)

This great fun workout doesn’t need machines. This killer combination of free hand exercises can burn up to 50% more calories per minute. That’s not all, it can even improve the metabolism if done faster- about 10 sets a min.

Burpees (Up to 50% more)

5. Kettlebell Swings (up to 100% more)

This powerful exercise works on the large and powerful muscles near the glutes and quads. It burns almost 2X a number of calories as it sends the heart thumping harder because of the motion.

Kettlebell Swings (up to 100% more)

6. Bike Sprints (up to 400% more)

You’d be surprised to find out that a bike sprint during a Crossfit workout can actually burn close to 50 calories a minute. Of course, you need to give all you have in that one minute. A Crossfit workout is an awesome way to burn a huge amount of calories in a short duration.

Bike Sprints (up to 400% more)

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