6 Ways To Celebrate A Healthy Thanksgiving Day

6 Ways To Celebrate A Healthy Thanksgiving Day

Pompi Borah 24 November, 2017 Updated on : 13 Dec 2018

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after the harvesting season and this is why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Traditional festive foods are the star attraction, enjoyed by many on this day.


People usually, in the name of Thanksgiving Day, stuff up a lot of delicious yet unhealthy food. Celebrating Thanksgiving by cooking mouth-watering items and consuming them till a limit is justified, but overindulging with food can put a serious question on your health. However, if you follow a set of pre-decided rules, you can still make your Thanksgiving the key to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Thanksgiving Day


Here are three foods, approved by highly qualified Dietitians and Nutritionists, w can help you celebrate Thanksgiving in a healthier way-


  • Soup


Go for a bowl of vegetarian soup, packed with vegetables - it's healthy, low in fat and full of flavors.Having soup can make you feel more energized and keeps your stomach full for hours.


  • Vegetables


Make an array of interesting vegetable dishes, instead of lots of starchy dishes like sprouts, green beans, carrots, bell peppers, or a green salad.


  • Turkey breast


Turkey is considered as a huge source of protein. So, in case you’re looking for a post workout meal on Thanksgiving, feasting on turkey won’t be a bad idea. Turkey is also low in calories, therefore, most of our nutritionists don’t mind if you eat a little more than the recommended 3 ounces of protein.


6 healthy tips to make your Thanksgiving more healthy-


  • Avoid those sneaky calories


We are not suggesting you to avoid calories completely, well that’s an impossible thing to do on Thanksgiving. However, we do recommend keeping a track on your calories and do not go overboard, or overeat or overindulge. You see, the word “over” is not healthy for you at all. So, stay focused, consume calories as per your daily limit and body requirement and do not share your food with anyone.


Thanksgiving Day


  • Stick to your workout routine


Staying religious to your regular workout routine is something that you must stick to, not only on Thanksgiving but every day. Keeping your workouts regular helps you stay on track with your healthy and fit lifestyle and eventually it will also help you burn off all the calories that you’re going to consume this Thanksgiving.


  • Don’t Deprive yourself


If you really want that pumpkin pie, have it and enjoy the great day. If you deprive yourself you will end up only craving, which is again not good for your mental health. Fulfil your dining desires by having whatever there is on the table, but stay aware of your body’s limit.


  • Focus on fun, not food


Thanksgiving is mainly associated with the variety of foods, but that doesn't mean that food has to be the main focus. Instead, throw yourself into the other rituals., dance your heart out, play games and have fun.


  • Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps to ensure that you are not mistaking dehydration for hunger.  Drinking water at regular intervals anyway the healthiest thing one can do to keep themselves healthy and away from diseases.


  • It’s okay to treat yourself


If you’re treating yourself on Thanksgiving, don’t feel guilty about it. Feeling guilty will only take a toll on your health, just live in the moment and embrace it. Eat everything, but healthy, stay hydrated and keep a track of your calories.


On this Thanksgiving Day, eat what you love, because these foods will not be easily available during rest of the year. But make sure that you workout regularly, it will help you shed off the extra calories and will help you start up with a healthy and fit lifestyle.It is all about maintaining the balance.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!