4 Effective Bodyweight Exercises To Get In Shape

4 Effective Bodyweight Exercises To Get In Shape

FITPASS Editorial Team30 May, 2018Updated on : 08 Aug 2023

Bodyweight exercises are moves that use only your body's weight as resistance, such as push-ups and lunges — no equipment needed. They're a staple in many high-intensity circuit training (HICT) workouts. HICT workouts are intense and quick— like crazy quick. Bodyweight exercises hit various areas of your body. You will be able to train your back, chest, arms, core, and legs with each of the different bodyweight exercises.

The 4 Most Explosive Bodyweight Exercises are:

Superman Pull

Superman Pull - FITPASS

The Superman Pull will strengthen your core and improve your posture.It will also increase your overall safety when performing activities throughout your everyday life. Whether you are tying your shoes, doing housework, gardening, sitting at the office or hitting a tennis ball your core stability and strength will develop with ease. A fit core can do wonders for your posture, balance, and abdominal definition.

Curtsy Lunges

Curtsy Lunges-FITPASS

Curtsy lunges are one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen and tone your butt and legs especially inner thighs.It is an amazing way to lift and tighten your butt while toning your legs. Curtsy lunges is a type of lunge done with the legs crossed. Add intensity to curtsy lunges and use a bench to get the lean, sexy legs you've always dreamed of!

Triceps Dips

Triceps Dips-FITPASS

Triceps dips are a great compound push exercise design to target the backs of your arms, but also do a great job of engaging your forearms, shoulders, lower back, and chest. What's more, you can do triceps dips at home without any equipment at all, and they're great for both men and women alike.



Inchworm is a great way to warm up your core and it does get some shoulders and arms in it so it's a great exercise to perform while you work out or even for your warm up. Start on your feet, you are going to hinge from your hips and walk your hands out in front of you as much and as far as you can. You are going to stay here for a second, it's like an extended plank position. Lastly, you are going to walk your hands back.

Choose exercises that won't have you using the same muscle groups one after the other. Remember, each movement must be performed properly and with a full range of motion. If your attention is on point and your mind is dedicated, then you will be able to achieve your desired fitness goals in a short period of time.