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12 Days Of FITMAS Challenge

12 Days Of FITMAS Challenge

Drishika Chhabra 12 December, 2017 Updated on : 20 Jan 2020

Are you someone who is crazy about fitness? Someone who is commonly known as a fitness junkie? Someone who has had a love-hate relationship with workouts, diets and everything fitness?

Are you someone who has somehow recently started loving the idea of fitness and never thought you could do that too? Someone who loves the idea of getting and staying fit but is scared to dive right in?

Then FITPASS’ 12 Days of Christmas Fitness (FITMAS) Challenge is the one for you. Don’t believe us? Read on and you will!

What is it? Starting tomorrow, FITPASS is holding the ultimate fitness challenge for 12 days which could further turn into your go-to fitness regime. In a nutshell, 12 Days of FITMAS will give you a fitness challenge for each day and completion of the same would earn you a heightened metabolism rate and a shortcut to prevent the holiday weight gain!

Who is it for? This amazing no-brainer FITMAS challenge is open to everybody who wants to get fit and stay fit, who has an affinity towards fitness, who has just started their fitness journey and wants to move forward with it, who have still not taken the first step but are looking forward to do so, who just want to test their strength and see if they can complete this challenge. Like said before, it’s open to everybody and is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Why you should do it? What better than a 12 Day fitness routine that cuts down the aftermath of your holiday cheat meals, heightens your metabolism rate for a healthier body and doesn’t bore your hot ass out with a single iteration of workout focus. On top of it, PRESENTS!! Need we say more?

What do you need? Bone of the father, unwillingly given. Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken. Flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed. Hoho! Just kidding! All you need is all you already got a.k.a your lifelines - Facebook and Instagram. Oh and the ‘want’ to complete this fitness challenge. Yes, you need that too.

Anything else? Yeah, sure, why not. Try on this fitness challenge and unlock your fitness goals in no-time. Oh and if you want a better result; chat, consult and call your personal nutritionist with FITPASS for customised diet plans all based on your needs and your workout type. And we all know, customization is always better than a ready-made thingy.

And if you think this diversified workout plan is how you roll, then FITPASS membership is your dream-come-true. For further info, text us on Facebook and we’ll arrange a phone call for you to brighten your horizons for everything related to fitness.

Until then!