Norbert's Fitness Studio Canacona

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Omkar Building, near KTC Bus Stand, Ponsulem, Canacona, Canacona, Goa, 403702
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Norbert's Fitness Studio Canacona

About Us

Norbert’s personal transformation and achievements in the field of fitness guided him towards providing for the people of Goa what they lacked – a gym set-up conducive to achieving results by way of scientific guidelines. From a lanky child to a muscled adolescent, Norbert worked on himself as he was quickly chosen to represent his University and State at national athletic competitions. This was his foray into the little explored fitness domain of the time. The spark became a blaze as Norbert realized his true calling – steering individuals towards disease and disorder-preventive exercise as opposed to pure ‘body building’. Thus was born Norbert’s Fitness Studio in 2008 – one gym located in Goa’s capital, Panaji, quickly expanding to 8 branches. What will you achieve “Shaping Lives…Not Just Bodies”. A statement, an ideology, a belief! The mission of Norbert’s Fitness Studio is dual-edged: emphasize and promote, via exercise and eating, the more-important and long-standing life changes to ensure the health and fitness requirements of an individual accede to the ‘body shape’ demands of individuals in a scientific and balanced manner

What will you achieve- Norbert's Fitness Studio Canacona

Whether you opt for cardio or strength training, a regular routine will help you achieve your fitness goals.


Water Cooler

Studio Safety Cleaning

  • Create a cleaning schedule. You can’t just assume employees will clean regularly; you must be specific. Create a schedule for regular cleaning of fitness equipment, the gym floor, locker rooms and bathrooms, and all other surfaces. Assign staff to each task and time slot and keep the schedule somewhere everyone can easily access it.
  • Train employees. Before expecting workers to clean and disinfect regularly, you must show them how to do it. Hold a mandatory staff training session to ensure everyone knows the best procedures for safely and effectively cleaning the gym and everything in it.
  • Organize inventory and ordering. Keep track of each type of cleaner and cleaning equipment with regular and updated orders to make sure you never run out.
  • Keep a cleaning log. Each part of the gym that gets cleaned regularly should have a visible log for recording cleanings. Use wipe boards with dates, times, and tasks. Ask employees to initial the appropriate part of the log each time they finish an assigned cleaning task.

Customer reviews & Rating



Nothing can beat the experience I have had at Norbert's Fitness Studio. Not only do they have great equipment and an enthusiastic environment for a fulfilling gym workout but also have trainers that have unmatched experience and who work with you to help you achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself. Working out here, in such a motivational environment will also make you push yourself to kill it at those sessions.


Norbert's Fitness Studio is one of the best and very well equipped fitness center. The studio is highly kept up and sterile, has the best gym equipments, motivational enviroment, modern infrastructure and knowledgable trainers who know a lot about how to train right. While indulging in gym workouts it's very important to know the right exercises and how they affect the body and at this Norbert's Fitness Studio I get to understand that.


I’ve been training with Norbert's Fitness Studio for couple of months now, and believe they have the most experienced and committed trainers around who know what they are doing and help us train by being with us every step of the way, and having the finest machines and equipments. Highly recommended. People think gym workouts are easy but they aren't without the right guidance and yes, motivating yourself everyday is also a task but with Norbert's Fitness Studio I feel like coming back everyday.


I've been going to Norbert's Fitness Studio for a couple of months now and my motivation has only increased since I started. The combination of having talented trainers, top class machines, and the best state-of-art facilites really makes it easy to keep coming back here for workouts.


Not only does Norbert's Fitness Studio have the best kind of gym workout equipment and facilities but also has amazing trainers and make my fitness goals seem achievable. I feel gym workout is the best for me because through strength training I can release all the stress and it helps me stay calm. Would recommend it to everyone.

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