2019 - Year In Review | FITPASS

FITPASS16 Jan 2020

We are thrilled to present the last year’s response. Here is how 2019 panned out for FITPASS and members....

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10 Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Pushkar Garg14 Jan 2020

Losing belly fat is anything but easy. Check out these 10 simple and effective ways to lose belly fat and avoid related diseases....

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5 Workout Routines That Will Change Fitness Activities

Pushkar Garg08 Jan 2020

Looking for new and exciting workout routines? Check out these 5 workouts routines that are set to change the way you workout in 2020 and beyond!...

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Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight Anymore

Did you know that you may be unable to lose weight for several reasons? Find out why you’re not losing weight no matter ...

Pushkar Garg
12 Feb 2020

How To Lose Weight Quickly With The 7-day GM Diet Plan

Interested in the GM Diet Plan? Find out everything about the 7-day plan that lets you lose weight quickly. Read more to...

Pushkar Garg
29 Aug 2019

CrossFit VS Bodybuilding - Which Workout Is Best And Why To Choose?

Crossfit Vs Bodybuilding - CrossFit and bodybuilding exercises is challenging towards your muscles gain, body fat, and b...

Pompi Borah
11 Jul 2019

Aerobic Exercise Benefits, Types And Tips To Add In Your Workout Regime

Aerobic exercise is a great way to stay healthy and fit. Here are some of the aerobic exercise benefits, types and tips ...

Pompi Borah
10 Jul 2019

Apple - Types And Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Apple

Apple can be credited with amazing number of health benefits of Apple. Know the different types of Apple and Check out 1...

Pompi Borah
09 Jul 2019

Top 10 Deadlift Benefits And Types You Must Absolutely Know About

Deadlift is one of the best exercises for back workout, legs and shoulders. Deadlift is a compound exercise. Know the De...

Pompi Borah
08 Jul 2019

12 Top Exercises To Reduce Your Beer Belly

If you are more into a beer belly then these 12 best exercises are for you to reduce your beer belly. You will see a no...

Pompi Borah
04 Jul 2019

10 Tasty Hamburgers Alternatives Which Will Give You The Nutritional Value

Wants to rule out tasty hamburgers alternatives for good health or if you are looking for a classic tasty hamburgers a...

Pompi Borah
01 Jul 2019

Gluten Free Diet: Foods To Avoid And Eat For Weight Loss

A Gluten free diet strictly excludes the gluten from your diet plan. Know the importance of gluten free diet , how to l...

Pompi Borah
10 Jun 2019
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