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About Viewsonic Fitness Mansarovar

Viewsonic Fitness Provides gym, health club, fitness center, aerobic classes, weight management, bodybuilding. Viewsonic Fitness houses have the latest equipment and most importantly very senior & professional coaches who can help to get the most out of the workout regime. With customer delight and results as their philosophy.


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12 November, 2019

Simply amazing

Radhika Sain

12 November, 2019

ambiance is good

Vishwas Chaturvedi

11 November, 2019

Very good gym


10 November, 2019

It’s an amazing gym

Vishwas Chaturvedi

09 November, 2019

great Gym

Radhika Sain

04 November, 2019


Radhika Sain

01 November, 2019

advance equipment

Radhika Sain

31 October, 2019

good infra

Vishwas Chaturvedi

30 October, 2019

gym is great but I've been denied access to the gym using fitpass citing the reason that entries through the app is blocked.

Vishwas Chaturvedi

26 October, 2019

The gym is great. But it has happened 5th time straightaway that I've been denied access using fitpass. It took a lot to convince them to allow me access. If this remains the case in the future then I'll have to look for other alternative.