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The Warriors Academy South Extension

South Extension, South Delhi

4 Reviews
The Warriors Academy focuses on combat sports and functional fitness to help gain optimal strength, power, and endurance. They offer MMA, Boxing and Street Fight Classes led by well-efficient professi...
Strength Training
Mixed Martial Arts
Reserve Workout

T3 - Total Training Terminal Preet Vihar

Preet Vihar, East Delhi

Very Good
5 Reviews
The solid foundation of fitness solutions provided by T3 - Total Training Terminal in Preet Vihar, Delhi, along with a variety of customized add-ons, in their opinion, may assist every member in achie...
Core And Abs
Body Transformation
Body Building
Self Defence
Sports Specific Training
Gym Workout
Body Building
Weight Loss
Reserve Workout

Ncca Indoor Cricket Arena Gujranwala Town

Gujranwala Town, North Delhi

Very Good
6 Reviews
NCCA Indoor Cricket Arena in Gujranwala Town Delhi provides one of the best indoor cricket services in Delhi. Equipped with parking facilities, this place is ideal for cricket enthusiasts ranging from...
Indoor Cricket
Reserve Workout

Rithala Indoor Cricket Rithala

Rithala, North Delhi

18 Reviews
The Rithala Indoor Cricket Arena in Rithala provides one of the best indoor cricket services in Delhi. Equipped with parking facilities, this place is ideal for cricket enthusiasts ranging from beginn...
Indoor Cricket
Reserve Workout

Knockout Mma Uttam Nagar Delhi

Uttam Nagar Delhi, West Delhi

Very Good
10 Reviews
Knockout MMA located in the Uttam Nagar area of Delhi offers various activities like Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts- MMA training, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung fu, Tai chi, Judo, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu J...
Gym Workout
Kids Mma
High Intensity Workouts
Arobics And Cardio For Adults
Karate For Kids
Reserve Workout

Pumping Iron Gym Sector 11 Faridabad

Sector 11 Faridabad, Faridabad

Very Good
5 Reviews
Pumping Iron Gym is a premier workout venue in Faridabad's Sector 11. They take pride in being the go-to spot for fitness aficionados of all levels, from novices to seasoned athletes. The gym is inten...
Gym Workout
Reserve Workout

Ideal Multi Sports Club Vidyadhar Nagar

Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur

The Ideal Multi Sports Club in Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur is ready to make your days more active and enjoyable. Learn to swim and develop new skills at the best pool in your neighbourhood. They offer a l...
Cardio Workout
Strength Workout
Kick Boxing
Mixed Martial Arts
Cricket Coaching
Reserve Workout

Ace Swimming And Badminton Academy At Shiva Sports Club Murlipura

Murlipura, Jaipur

2 Reviews
Follow your new fitness routine at Ace Swimming and Badminton Academy at Shiva Sports Club in Murlipura Jaipur. This center has an amalgamation of collective games like Badminton, Box Cricket, Swimmin...
Swimming Only For Ladies
Reserve Workout

Aerial Sports Hub Murlipura

Murlipura, Jaipur

If fitness is having fun with your routine, then Aerial Sports Hub is your ultimate fitness destination. Located in Murlipura, Jaipur, this club offers space for your Football, Box Cricket & Badminton...
Reserve Workout

Xtreme Sports And Fitness Club Vaishali Nagar Jaipur

Vaishali Nagar Jaipur, Jaipur

Very Good
125 Reviews
Xtreme Sports & Fitness Club is acknowledged for its exceptional success in providing the high quality equipment and professional training to its members, helping them achieve their individual potenti...
Gym Workout
Reserve Workout
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Sports Classes in Delhi 


Playing sports is an excellent way to get your daily exercise since it involves various compound movements and elevates your heart rate, so you get cardio benefits as well. Daily physical activity keeps your body and mind fit, helps you maintain weight, and ensures you stay away from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 


If you stay in Delhi and want to join sports classes to follow your passion for a particular sport, you can easily do so with the FITPASS app. Sign up for a membership and get access to the best sports academies near you for cricket, soccer, tennis, badminton, and many other sports.  


Top Sports Classes in Delhi 


Some of the best sports classes in Delhi are: 



Types of Sports Classes in Delhi 


Delhi is home to a myriad of different sports classes and academies. You can find training centers for the following sports in Delhi: 


  • Cricket Coaching: Cricket is the most sought-after sport in the country. You can find the best cricket coaching academies in Delhi using the FITPASS app.
  • Football Academies: If soccer is your ballgame, you can join the innumerable sports academies in Delhi that offer soccer training.
  • Tennis Coaching: Tennis is quite an intense sport requiring peak endurance. Join a tennis coaching center to learn the sport and achieve your desired fitness levels.
  • Badminton Training: There are many takers for badminton in India. It is also physically demanding, requiring great agility and pace. If you love playing the sport, join a badminton class to realize your potential.
  • Basketball Camps: Basketball interest has increased in India, and many sports centers offer basketball coaching and camps to those interested. Join a class and start shooting those hoops.
  • Swimming Classes: Swimming is a great life skill and an excellent full-body workout. It is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. There are many swimming classes in Delhi to choose from if you want to learn different swimming strokes.
  • Yoga and Fitness Classes: Yoga has proven benefits for the mind and body. Incorporate yoga into your fitness routine during rest and recovery to maximize your weekly regimen. 
  • Martial Arts Schools: Martial arts are beneficial not only as a workout but also as a self-defense skill for adults and children. Enroll your kids in martial arts schools and see them grow in confidence, flexibility, agility, and strength. 
  • Golf Lessons: Golf is a sport that requires great patience, body form, and balance. If you want to master the art of golf, find yourself a great golf training center using the FITPASS app.
  • Athletics and Track Training: Sporting events often have competitions for track and field where many runners participate. If you are one such person, join an athletics and track training class and make yourself fitter than ever.  
  • Table Tennis Coaching: Table tennis is another exciting sport that requires excellent fitness. Join the best table tennis coaching in Delhi and see your talent grow. 
  • Cycling Clubs: Cycling is a terrific way to get your daily cardio and keep yourself healthy. If you love cycling in groups, join a cycling club where you can pedal away with fellow passionate cyclists.  
  • Chess Classes: Chess is a game of the mind entirely, and it keeps it sharp and focused. There are many chess classes in Delhi where you can up your game.  
  • Skating Schools: Skating is an enjoyable sport that many kids love. If you want your children to acquire more skating skills, enroll them in a skating school. 
  • Volleyball Training: Delhi also has many sports academies that offer volleyball training. Join one of the innumerable volleyball classes today. 


Benefits of Sports Classes 


Joining a sports class can strengthen your abilities and provide you with your daily workout. Here are some more benefits of sports classes: 


Hone Your Skills 


Playing sports is a skill-based activity, and joining a sports class will help you sharpen your existing skills and learn new ones. 


Physical Health Benefits 


Sports is a physical activity at the end of the day, and you get multiple health benefits like increased muscle strength, weight maintenance, faster reflexes, agility, prolonged endurance, etc. 


Follow Your Passion 


You may have a passion for a specific sport, and joining a sports class will help you further that passion and engage in an activity you love. 


Imbibe Various Qualities 


Joining a sports class doesn't just help you acquire skills related to that sport. You can learn other qualities that can help you in all walks of life, like teamwork, perseverance, discipline, and decision-making.  


Facilities & Amenities Offered by Sports Academies 


In addition to sports training, centers in Delhi may also be offering additional amenities and facilities like: 


  • Personal sports coaching 
  • Body conditioning workouts 
  • Sports-specific fitness programs 
  • Endurance workouts 
  • Muscle building workouts 


How to Choose the Right Sports Academy 


Choosing the correct sports academy is paramount to maximize your training and reach your sports goals. Here are some factors to consider: 


Sports Trainers 


The training staff is the most crucial component of any sports class. Ensure the trainers have the qualifications and certifications to guide you to their best ability. 


Playing Arena 


A good sports academy should have spacious and well-maintained playing arenas where participants can engage in their favorite sports without any hassles. 




The sports class you chose should be nearby so you don't have to travel too much to practice your sport. 


How FITPASS Works or Helps to Join Sports Classes


FITPASS has streamlined all physical activities like playing sports, gym workouts, yoga, MMA, etc, and brought them under one comprehensive app. With a single FITPASS membership, you can practice all of the above at more than 7500 gyms, fitness centers, and sports training classes across India. Choose your sports training class in Delhi, select a time slot, and reserve your booking instantly. All you can do is head to the training center and engage in your favorite sports.

What is sports training?
Sports Training is the process of preparing for a particular sport, especially to compete in state, national, or international level competitions.