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Lifetime Fitness Sector 23 Faridabad
Lifetime Fitness Sector 23 Faridabad
Sector 23 Faridabad
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The finest spot for you to begin an exercise program is Lifetime Fitness in Sector 23 of Faridabad, Haryana. This gym is one of the best in the neighborhood because of its state-of-the-art workout gear and high-tech fitness equipment. This gym features a qualified area with experienced trainers backing it up who can assist you with your training regimen. The environment of the place should be preserved by visitors by following basic exercise ethics.
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10 Reviews
Swati Dhauskar
Swati Dhauskar
24 October, 2022
Not only does Lifetime Fitness have the best kind of gym workout equipment and facilities but also has amazing trainers and make my fitness goals seem achievable. I feel gym workout is the best for me because through strength training I can release all the stress and it helps me stay calm. Would recommend it to everyone.
Jaisingh Murmu
Jaisingh Murmu
19 October, 2022
Lifetime Fitness is one of the best and very well equipped fitness center. The studio is highly kept up and sterile, has the best gym equipments, motivational enviroment, modern infrastructure and knowledgable trainers who know a lot about how to train right. While indulging in gym workouts it's very important to know the right exercises and how they affect the body and at this Lifetime Fitness I get to understand that.
23 October, 2022
I’ve been training with Lifetime Fitness for couple of months now, and believe they have the most experienced and committed trainers around who know what they are doing and help us train by being with us every step of the way, and having the finest machines and equipments. Highly recommended. People think gym workouts are easy but they aren't without the right guidance and yes, motivating yourself everyday is also a task but with Lifetime Fitness I feel like coming back everyday.
Vishal Mall
Vishal Mall
19 October, 2022
Not only does Lifetime Fitness have the best kind of workout equipment and facilities, especially for aerobics and cardio, but also has amazing trainers and make my fitness goals seem achievable. Cardio and aerobics help me reduce the risk of many health issues and stay in shape. Would recommend it to everyone.
20 October, 2022
Lifetime Fitness is one of the best gyms to indulge in aerobics and cardio. I joined the gym a year ago and I am very satisfied and would recommend it to everyone. The trainers here are very friendly and professional and pay attention to every individual. I started with cardio and aerobics last year when I got a full body checkup and was told that I was at the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Indulging in aerobics and cardio has helped immensely and I would recommend it to everyone.
Studio Safety & Hygiene
This fitness studio ensures that the arena remains clean and hygienic for its visitors for a delightful experience.
Equipment is disinfected by the staff members, after every workout attempt by a particular visitor.
Visitors are requested to keep the area clean throughout their workout session or later.
They also have a strict policy against user misconduct. Any misdeed or negligence shall not be entertained by any studio personnel.
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