Weekly Fitness Plan | How to Effectively Lose Weight
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Weekly Fitness Plan | How to Effectively Lose Weight
Published on: 15th Oct,2020
Last Updated on: 16th Jan,2024

A weight loss workout plan can be exceedingly helpful when you have specific fitness goals. Exercising regularly is the way to go but having a plan is a sustainable choice in the long run. Sometimes, not knowing where to start is the reason for not getting the best of fat burning workouts. When looking for weight loss tips, it’s easy to get lost in the endless possibilities and types of workouts.

Although it can be and is commonly achieved, weight loss is not an easy goal. You cannot hope to include the best exercise to lose weight in your routine and get the desired results without the proper diet. Moreover, having realistic expectations is essential for any weight loss workout plan or fat loss diet to work for you. It may be some time before you see some results.

Also, remember that working out is just a part of weight loss. You must go on a low-carb diet plan for weight loss or eat foods that burn belly fat. Everybody responds to dieting and exercising differently; be ready for whatever may come. Visit the best gyms in your area and several cities across the country with FITPASS. Reach your weight loss goals with yoga classes, aerobics classes, CrossFit sessions, and much more.

Weekly Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Every weight loss exercise program should be preceded by a 5 to 10-minute warm-up. Start with foam rolling to increase mobility and transition into a dynamic exercise routine to increase blood flow. Similarly, take a few minutes to cool down and relax the body. You can simply lay down with your feet up the wall. Taking deep breaths in this position brings the blood back to the brain and calms your body. After this, you can simply stretch the major muscle groups.


Cardio gets all the attention whenever the best exercise to lose weight is mentioned. However, strength training is equally important, if not more, to increase metabolic rate and turn fat into muscle. A high metabolic rate is associated with a higher rate of burning calories and muscle retention. 

Focus on full-body workouts; working specific body parts is a great workout plan for weight loss but if you miss a workout (actually it’s only a matter of when), it leads to muscle imbalances. Therefore, work your entire body.

  1. Compound Exercises for the Lower Body

Compound Exercises for the Lower Body

Compound exercises focus on multiple muscle groups. Deadlifts and squats are one of the best lower-body exercises. Since these weight loss exercises work multiple muscle groups, you must lift heavy weights for them to respond well. Challenge these muscles by increasing weight with each set. Start with relatively lightweight and gradually move up to a weight that makes you put in extra effort to complete all the reps.

  1. Pushing & Pulling Exercises for the Upper Body

Pushing & Pulling Exercises for the Upper Body

A really good way to work your upper body is to perform supersets, which means following a set of one exercise with another. For example, do 10-12 reps of dumbbell bench press and follow it with push-ups. Rest for 60 seconds before doing a set of pulling exercises like dumbbell curl or single-arm bent-over row. These exercises when done without rest in between elevate the heart rate and help burn fat at a much higher rate.

  1. Core Exercises

Core Exercises

Do some core supersets to lose belly fat. Working the core is very important for stability and strength. Do 4-5 core exercises like plank, the dead dog, crunches, reverse crunches, Russian twists, etc. in a set before repeating it with a 60-second break in between.

  1. Cardio


Your strength training workout will give the best results with a metabolic finisher. Ending your workout with cardio maximizes calorie burn. For example, jump rope for up to 3 minutes after completing the core exercises. Or do 15 burpees as fast as you can. You can also alternate between some of the best exercises to lose belly fat like 10 mountain climbers or 10 plank ups for 5-7 minutes.

HIIT – 1 day/week

HIIT - 1 Day/week

HIIT benefits you by significantly increasing the metabolic rate after the workout, which means that the body keeps burning calories even after your workout is over. The body needs to put in much more effort to come back to the resting state, which burns a lot of calories. Join a HIIT session at a nearby gym with FITPASS.

In simple terms, HIIT is performing an exercise at maximum intensity for 30-45 seconds and then taking a 10-15 seconds rest before moving on to the next exercise. You can also try Tabata classes wherein you workout at high-intensity for 20 seconds and take 10 seconds off. A 30-minute HIIT session or a 20-minute Tabata class every week is enough for you to lose weight.

CARDIO (Steady-state) – 1 day/week

Cardio (Steady- state) - 1 Day/week

Steady-state cardio is about exercising for long and slowly burning calories. It raises the heart rate and speeds up the recovery process. Steady-state cardio improves the body’s ability to use oxygen. Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. are great forms of cardio, which you should do at least once every week.

ACTIVE RECOVERY – 2 days/week

active Recovery - 2 Days/week

Your body needs to rest to heal itself and come back stronger than before. So when you have performed belly fat workouts all week, it is time to rest and let muscle fibers rebuild that tear up during the workouts. However, lying around all day is not a good way to recover. Include some movement in your day to increase blood flow and oxygen levels in the entire body. Take a walk in the morning or the evening.

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