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Squad Fit Gym Gurgaon

WORKOUTS OFFERED: Yoga, BootCamp, Fitness Training

Squad Fit Gym Gurgaon

Yoga, BootCamp, Fitness Training




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Friday 28th of April 2017

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Squad Fit semi private training gives clients a chance to receive the benefits of affordable tailor made programming whilst enjoying the social support of up to 3 or more other members in your group. 

This programme was developed especially for those that want to receive the benefits from personalised, tailored plans whilst still enjoying the support of like-minded individuals in a friendly environment. 

There is no better way to achieve fast, body transformation results.

Squad Fit is a scientifically designed result-driven fitness facility where people train in a no-nonsense yet, positive setting.

If you are one of those who has Tried Fitness Programmes Before BUT…

1.Nobody has given you the professional guidance that you need to achieve you goals, instead you are left on the treadmill for an hour.

2.You have no idea what diet/ exercise you should be doing…There are so many mixed messages!

3.The gym is an intimidating environment and full of egos

4.You Lack motivation and drive because nobody is holding you accountable

5.You have tried every diet going but you can’t stick to anything or sustain the results.

They really want you to succeed!

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Squad Fit Gym Gurgaon

Number 610-611, Sixth Floor, Tower C-Nirvana Courtyard Nirvana Country - 122003

Huda City Centre

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