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Your Day (Dancaholic Dance Academy)

Wilson Garden, South Bengaluru

Your Day offers dace workouts that helps you stay fit fit and learn awesome dance steps at the same time....
Freestyle Bollywood
Fitness Dance (Ladies Batch)
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Mahi's Dance Club

Arekere, South Bengaluru

Very bad
Dance delivers emotions louder than words, and for those who believe in these words, we have exactly the place for you to train, grow and nurture. To top it up, many of the following are also fitness ...
Dance Fitness
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Shreyas Bhairava Dance Crew

RT Nagar, North Bengaluru

Bhairava Dance crew is a well established dance company since 2012. The dance crew provides training in different dance forms like Contemporary, acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Krumping, Bollywood & more....
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8 Moves Dance Studio

TC Palya Road, East Bengaluru

Very Good
A typical dance workout is a fun-filled way to get into shape, stay toned and work your core, while blissfully moving to the rythmic music....
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Fusion Beats Dance Fitness Studio

Kaggadasapura, East Bengaluru

Fusion Beats Dance Fitness Studio was conceptualized in the year 2015, with the prime aim of giving wellness exercises and other works of art to all age groups. Their aim is to urge and spur individua...
Dance Fitness
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Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, North Bengaluru

We are a Gym and Fitness studio that gives you an opportunity to learn new fitness formats and reach your fitness goals, all while having fun. Each workout session defines a perfect structure, which i...
Gym Access
Strength And Conditioning
Step Aerobics
Strong By Zumba
Power Yoga
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Active Fitness Culture

TC Palya Road, East Bengaluru

Very Good
Active fitness culture is a fitness coaching facility started by Raghavendra Kashyap an internationally certified fitness trainer. Their workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movement...
Kickboxing & Conditioning
Dance Fitness
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D ShowStoppers

HSR Layout Sector 1, South Bengaluru

Very Good
D ShowStoppers offers Group classes in Zumba and Bolly Beats with a combination of great music....
Strong by Zumba
Folk Fitness
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Energym Fitness

Sector 15 Gurgaon, Gurugram

Very Good
Energym Fitness is a Health and Fitness centre located in Gurgaon. Aim is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get fit and improve their well being by providing a well-equipped supportive ...
Gym workout
Bollywood Dance
Core Training
Functional Training
Masala Bhangra
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KD Dance Centre

Uttam Nagar, West Delhi

KD Dance centre has qualified and experienced dance instructors providing fitness dance classes in Uttam Nagar.

Fitness Dance
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What are the different types of dance classes?

Dance has several different styles and each has its own set of skill requirements and complementary music. Lately, an increasing number of people have started attending dance classes regularly for fitness purposes. Here are some of the most popular dance classes in India:

  • Fitness Dance – a type of aerobic workout consisting of several dance forms

  • Freestyle Bollywood – a mix of unchoreographed moves synchronized with famous Bollywood songs

  • Dance Aerobics – dance moves based on aerobic exercises

  • Zumba – a dance form inspired from Latin dance forms, which works as a great workout routine

You can find several other dance classes based on different forms on FITPASS.

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What are the benefits of dance classes?
First off, dance classes are fun. Anyone from a child to senior citizens can attend dance classes to stay active. Dancing raises the heart rate, which is good for aerobic fitness and the moves improve strength and balance. Unless it is a high-impact dance form like hip-hop, Latin, etc., dance classes are gentle on your body. The act of remembering dance moves and synchronizing them with beats boosts memory and is good for your cognitive functions. It is a social activity that reduces depression and stress. Most of all, you can burn hundreds of calories in a single dance class while having the time of your life, dancing to your favorite tunes.
Are dance classes good for weight loss?
Yes, dance classes are a great way to lose weight. Well-curated dance classes with the right music and intensity along with a good diet can help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour. Dance is a full-body workout, which means that it burns fat throughout your body. Some even consider dance classes to be more effective than running when it comes to losing weight. A 30-minute dance session 5 days a week can help you lose weight quite quickly. You can lose up to 1,000 calories in a high-intensity Zumba class.
How can I learn to dance?
Dance is not a skill with which someone is born. With the right amount of practice and supervision, anyone can learn how to dance. The best way is to attend dance classes. Dancing might sound easier than other forms of exercise but it requires every bit of strength and flexibility. Moreover, it is quite hard to keep performing throughout a song. To learn how to dance, practice daily and set a goal – have realistic goals like being able to dance on your favorite song within a couple of weeks. Start with simple dance forms like Bollywood dance and then move on to the likes of freestyle dance. However, there’s nothing wrong with attending any type of dance class as long as you are regular.

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