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FITPASS + Health Insurance Plan | What is covered in my Insurance?

Pushkar Garg15 Jul 2020

Find out the benefits of the health insurance policy + fitness memberships offered by FITPASS in amazing combo plans....

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Adapt and Overcome | Introducing FITPASS-TV

Pushkar Garg05 May 2020

Do not miss out on home workouts during the lockdown. Check out FITPASS-TV to attend live workout sessions conducted by certified trainers....

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How to Stay Healthy to Prevent COVID-19

Pushkar Garg19 Mar 2020

Find out how you can improve your body’s immune functions to prevent coronavirus and other infections. ...

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Is it Safe to Visit the Gym After Lockdown?

Wondering if it is safe to go to the gym? Find out all you need to know about gym reopening in India. Read all the preca...

Pushkar Garg
14 Sep 2020

5 Things to Consider Before Going Back to the Gym

Thinking about rejoining the gym as it reopens. Find out all you need to know about how gyms can reopen safely....

Pushkar Garg
04 Sep 2020

National Sports Day 2020 | Why Playing Sports is a Great Way to Work Out

Find out about 5 sports that can help be your way to stay fit and healthy. Celebrate this National Sports Day by adding ...

Pushkar Garg
29 Aug 2020

Morning Workout Benefits | Why You Should Exercise Early in the Day

Know about the benefits of working out early in the morning. Here are 6 reasons why morning workout is better than eveni...

Pushkar Garg
22 Aug 2020

Why Everyone Needs to Include Functional Training in Their Workout Routine

Find out why functional exercises should be a part of your home workout or gym workout plan. Read the benefits of functi...

Pushkar Garg
19 Aug 2020

5 Tips to Re-join Gym After Lockdown

Wondering how to start going to the gym after the lockdown? Find out how to get back into shape by working out at the gy...

Pushkar Garg
13 Aug 2020

Home Workout | 10 Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises to do at Home

Check out this full-body workout at home for the best results. Include a home workout in your routine if you cannot hit ...

Pushkar Garg
10 Aug 2020

Make A Promise of Fitness This Raksha Bandhan

Find how you can ensure good health and fitness of your sibling this Raksha Bandhan....

Pushkar Garg
03 Aug 2020

Friendship Day | Why You Need A Workout Buddy

Find out how having a workout buddy can help you do better. Start working out with your best friend this friendship day ...

Pushkar Garg
02 Aug 2020

Why You Should Include Isometric Exercises in Your Workout Routine

Find out isometric exercise benefits. Find out what isometric exercises really are and why you should include them in yo...

Pushkar Garg
31 Jul 2020

Why Gifting A Health Insurance Policy Is The Best Idea

Find out why you should gift the best health insurance policy to your loved ones. Read about the benefits of a good heal...

Pushkar Garg
28 Jul 2020

FITPASS + Health Insurance Plan | What is covered in my Insurance?

Find out the benefits of the health insurance policy + fitness memberships offered by FITPASS in amazing combo plans....

Pushkar Garg
15 Jul 2020

Who Can Benefit from the FITPASS + Health Insurance Policy Plan

Find out if you can benefit from the FITPASS + Health Insurance Policy plan. Read about how fitness memberships and heal...

Pushkar Garg
06 Jul 2020

Why It Is Cheaper to Invest in Fitness & Health Insurance Together

Invest in fitness memberships and health insurance policies with the FITPASS + health insurance plan. Get health benefit...

Pushkar Garg
04 Jul 2020

Fitness & Health Insurance | Two Sides of the Same Coin

Read about the comprehensive health + insurance plan that gives you access to FITCOACH and FITFEAST along with amazing h...

Pushkar Garg
03 Jul 2020

All You Need to Know About Health Insurance During the Pandemic

Protect yourself and your family with FITPASS’ health and insurance plan. Find out the benefits of health insurance, esp...

Pushkar Garg
29 Jun 2020

Why Yoga Classes Are a Blessing For Runners

Find out why you should attend yoga classes if you’re a runner. Attend live yoga sessions on FITPASS-TV and reap the ben...

Pushkar Garg
21 Jun 2020

Family Workout | How To Exercise As A Family

Find out different ways to exercise as a family. Checkout family workout ideas to stay fit and healthy together. Attend ...

Pushkar Garg
08 Jun 2020
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